Injustice 2 Sub-Zero DLC: Is it Worth It?

Too cold?

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coffeemaster134d ago

Subzero should have been included

V0MIT_M0NSTER134d ago

Yeah, don't think I'd spend the money to add him.

Orejillz133d ago

Yeah, would've loved him as like a bonus/unlockable character in the base game since he's one of NetherRealm's. That way DLC could've focused on just DC characters or someone even more obscure.

Meyers09133d ago

Depends how much you love Mortal Kombat

brokasfawk133d ago

I tried him out in the multiverse and he isn't anything special
Definitely not even a top 10 character

Orejillz133d ago

I definitely agree. Like he's kind of fun, but not really special from the time I've spent using him.

opinionated133d ago

I like him. Only went through his meta verse challenges but so far he's one of my favorite. I'm a huge mk fan tho.

brokasfawk133d ago

He feels much better in MKX
I feel like he's been dumbed down for injustice 2

opinionated133d ago

Yeah I can agree. I'm having trouble finding a character I like besides bane. I guess the familiarity of sub is what I like.