Superdata: Oculus Rift price cuts show a lack of confidence

According to the words of Stephanie Llamas, head of VR/AR strategy at Superdata, the continuous price cuts applied to Oculus Rift may show a lack of confidence by the company, with the side effect of generating an unfavorable perception among potential buyers.

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Neonridr347d ago

Or it could be to help get more people into VR by creating a much more attractive pricing model. Price was always a big barrier of entry on the PC side of things. This price cut helps remove a large chunk of that.

Apocalypse Shadow346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

It does have the perception of trouble amongst the ranks at oculus with the lawsuit and the leaving of starter personnel like Luckey.

But, it could also mean the new leadership are becoming more aggressive and want to be the dominant high end VR HMD. Vive is considered the best on the high end. And, Sony is outselling with less power and ease of use. Then, you got Microsoft PC partners coming in this fall with MR HMDs that start at $399 with controllers( though Microsoft aren't making controllers or the HMDs). Here's a video by the way of one of the MR headsets
I hope it's him and not the tracking moving. Looks smooth when he shows you what he sees. Still early. (Love the flip action.)

Anyway, Facebooks only choice is to go hard.They got a good headset. They got a cool looking social VR experience. They got some good games. Now's the time to get aggressive before they lose their footing to everyone else. Play to win or go home. And I doubt Mark Zuckerberg likes to lose. The ones that complained about the reveal price of more than $599 instead of $350 can't complain today when you get the headset,games and touch controllers for $399 right now.

Muadiib346d ago

It was doomed the moment Facebook bought them, firing the creator because his politics didn't align with the far left was the final nail (aka fascism).

ocelot07346d ago

As all ready suggested it could be due to wanting more people to jump into Vr. Still at £400 plus needing at least a £550 pc is a lot of money for vr.

At some point prices of vr headsets will have to come down at some point like all technology.