Cyberpunk 2077 - Mike Pondsmith Interview

GameReactor caught up with RPG legend Mike Pondsmith at Gamelab to talk about cyberpunk, his work at CD Projekt Red, pen and paper, Japanese anime, and much more.

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Elda494d ago

Hopefully this is better than The Witcher 3.

pietro1212494d ago

They'll be a hard feat considering how good Witcher 3 is.

Alexious494d ago

I feel it can happen. After all, they were more or less bound by The Witcher's story whereas they have almost free reign here.

MrCrabPuss494d ago

The "blade runner-esque" setting will be a welcome change from the overused/generic formula of tarty bar wenches, fireballs, potions and screeching creatures.

Elda494d ago

Well I know TW3 was a popular title among gamers & it sold well including getting good reviews but I will say no matter how much praise TW3 has gotten I didn't like it.I tried to play it twice & it just wasn't for me,could not get into the game at all.So I'm hoping their next game Cyberpunk has my interest.

Erik7357494d ago

I think it comes down to preference, if you like medieval fantasy you'll like witcher 3 more but if you like sc-fi you'll like cyberpunk more.

_-EDMIX-_494d ago

There's a lot that could be fixed from The Witcher 3.

The games are also vastly different from each other.

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Eldyraen494d ago

Combat wise maybe, if it's "only" as good in other ways it's gold standard practically.

Edito494d ago

Sorry but are you normal?

FloydianAndroid494d ago

And the winner for troll of the year is........

REDGUM494d ago

You get disagree's for asking for a game to be better than an older game? That makes no sence at all. "elda" didn't say The Witcher 3 was crap!

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Nacho_Z494d ago

I think we're all ready for some Cyberpunk footage, feels like it's been forever. I'm very intrigued.

Edito494d ago

I don't know why game reactor insist on using this shitty player... Sorry.