Logitech to acquire Astro Gaming for $85 million

Logitech International announced that is has agreed to acquire ASTRO Gaming who is a leading console gaming brand who possesses a vast history of producing award winning headsets for pro gamers and enthusiasts.

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badz149131d ago

1 less competitor in selling overpriced headsets

InTheZoneAC131d ago

Astro only worth $85 mil? I figured they'd be at least $100 mil. Is it still going to be branded as trophies or will Logitech add their name? I really want a new a50 or a50 successor even though I bought the latest model, it wasn't that much of an upgrade over the older a50

InTheZoneAC130d ago

stupid autocorrect, I meant branded as "Astro"

xX1NORM1Xx129d ago

Whoa, hopefully they keep the design of the A40/50 its the only headset ive ever owned that doesnt hurt my ears after long sessions. I really hope they bring back the neon range too i fear for the day my orange a40s break cause ill have to replace them with black or white.