Bloodstained Creator Says PS Vita Environments Might Look Similar to Nintendo Switch

With the PS Vita being the inferior one when it’s placed beside the Nintendo Switch, it’s quite interesting how the environments will look similar to the latest hybrid console. However, Koji stated that it’s not yet sure if the two versions will look similar since they haven’t developed any titles for the Switch.

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Neonridr468d ago

not sure how that works exactly. The Vita doesn't support UE4 does it?

I guess this is just the art assets he is referring to?

yeahright2467d ago

I guess the operative word is similar. So he's probably just shooting for it to be punching in the same weight class and not go for a true 1:1.

jugo14467d ago

butthurt nintendo fanboy? lol

Neonridr467d ago

how so? I am pointing out a technical limitation in the Vita as it cannot run UE4 whereas the Switch can.

FlorinEmil321466d ago

From what i know Armature Studio is gonna port unreal engine 4 to ps vita , they where supposed to do that also with the wii u.

Neonridr466d ago

they gave up on that dream, which is why Bloodstained isn't coming to the Wii U and it has been since moved to the Switch.