Farpoint dev tells Sony what he wants in PSVR 2.0

In an interview with, Impulse Gear founder Seth Luisi talks about the next iteration of Sony’s hardware.

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jp_footy2132d ago

"More important than that, however, is a wider field of view. Having a wider field of view can make you feel more immersed in the world"


dirkdady132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

He flat out said he knows Sony is looking into this and is also very important to them. Hint or indirect confirmation of PSVR2?

I wouldn't be surprised but for me it would have to be the move 2.0 controller updates that would excite me more than an actual update to the psvr headset. When I played batman VR it was phenomenal just how great the visuals were from the sprawling Gotham city rooftop to the waterfalls in the batcave.
However the controls could use some improvement with better collision detection.

mcstorm132d ago

I'm still wondering if we will see a psvr 2. Support has seemed to of dropped for the 1st one and 4k seems to be all the talk. Interesting times for vr but Sony and developers need to offer more for it imo for it to get a foot on the market as 1.5 million out of 40+ million console's sold is not a big market to make games for.

InTheZoneAC132d ago

-OLED display, no form of LCD/LED that you find in 99% of TVs will cut it
-No move controllers, hate those with a passion
-Wider view
-Thinner headband design to allow better headset fitment
-1080p/60FPS locked

DanteVFenris666132d ago

You need more than 60fps for vr, because real life isn't given to you by frames in order for your brain to feel natural in a vr environment is to give it too many frames for it to discern. So about 90-120 fps

shloobmm3132d ago

You are correct. It should be 120fps. 60FPS would be a vomit fest.

cd1132d ago


I've played a few PSVR games that i believe are rendered at 60fps - didn't vomit once.

GamesMaster1982132d ago

Ill be really pissed if they bring out a PSVR2 so soon after ive spend way to much on there first gimmick.

Sonic_Vs_Mario132d ago

And no Sony first party games supports PSVR only

InTheZoneAC132d ago

nope, just like all early consumers, you are the test bed for the future.

Thanks for your support, I'll wait for a perfect revision.

LOCO209132d ago

Maybe for the PS5, I think this iteration of PSVR is what we are getting this gen as it taxes the hardware pretty hard even the PSPRO.
If they come out with another one this gen I think a lot of folks would be pissed off unless they have a trade up program.

BABY-JEDI132d ago

Definitely, PSVR ver2 & PS5 must be designed with each in mind. The focus must be on delivering the best experience from each 😉

BABY-JEDI132d ago

Farpoint is a great gaming experience. Variable enemies & tactics as the game story develops is great. No real control issues either. It plays very solid. So a must buy from me😉 New Ver 2 move controllers is a must however.🤔

Vizigoth04132d ago

I played it on the Dualshock 4 and thought it was immersive enough as it is. Would like to try it with the AIM controller. Also if they made a move controller 2.0 shaped more like a star trek phaser that might be more ideal for pistols while still comfortable to use as wands or melee weapons for RPGs and such.

BABY-JEDI132d ago

Aim controller is a must. The various weapon types & their reload/trajectories are a pleasant surprise. Initial setting for Aim directional motion is set straight ahead. But applying gradient/ degree motion is great as you can travel back & fourth. A lot of reviewers missed this option 🙄 Definetly get the aim controller 😉

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