Star Wars Battlefront II confirmed as an 'Xbox One X Enhanced' title

As seen on the official Xbox website, we now have clear confirmation that Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be upgraded for the Xbox One X.

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Dlacy13g154d ago

Figured this would be coming. Can't wait to see that version.

Bigpappy154d ago

I think all big games from EA will. Dice was and early proponent for DX12 adoption and is heavily supported in their engine.

freshslicepizza154d ago

Let's be honest here, we all know the XB1X will be a lot more thought out and planned than the other midcycle console upgrade was which will have many more games ready to take advantage of the hartdware and come with improved performance out of the box for all existing games.

Skull521153d ago

Great news. I couldn't see shit on the ground on the XBO version when I was in a aerial vehicle. The nice resolution and graphics bump on the XBOX should literally clear that up.

Eonjay152d ago

Doesn't this mean the same as PS4 Pro Compatible?

Ghost_of_Tsushima152d ago


“Let's be honest here, we all know the XB1X will be a lot more thought out and planned than the other midcycle console upgrade“

Let’s be honest here, we all know PlayStation is where the exclusives are so it really doesn’t matter.

Krysis152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

@infected why did his comment make you so angry? And yes yours was an emotional response. And do you not get tired of repeating the same thing over and over. Obviously the Xbox users here don't care about PlayStation exclusives or they would play on the PlayStation, so your insults and jabs are pointless cause they don't care. At least not as much as you do that their console may have a better version of a game.

BlackTar187152d ago

It's funny to have one person antagonize and one person respond and you only take issue with the responder. You are a confirmed NFL ref. Lol

MegamanXXX152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Let's be honest here the PC version will be the best version and the PS4 version will have the most players because of the install base. But everyone will still enjoy the game regardless what platform you get it for.

Aenea152d ago

Of course they all will. Just not sure what the DX12 part has anything to do with it. DICE just optimises their engines for any platform, if it performs better with DX12 they will support it.


"Let's be honest here"

Let's not, because I don't think you like what I would have to say! Anyhoo, your comment is silly and is either worded like that 'cos you're a fanboy or 'cos you think this will get the most replies. I know which one I'm betting on!
Both upgraded console versions will look great, One X will just be a bit better looking on closer analysis...

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The_Hooligan152d ago

Let's hope this is only the beginning of more games getting this kind of treatment from other developers so that people who own/will own ps4 pro and xbox one x get what they paid for. Obviously the first party studios will really show the power of these consoles. I know both sony and ms said that they will not make a true exclusive which is only for the pro or 1x but do you guys think they they should or will they in the future?

AizenSosuke154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

I'm Interested to see the enhanced edition to see adding effects, more pixels, and better clarity in gameplay.

Cupofjoe152d ago

Can't wait side by side with pro hey it'll be exact same faux 4k

343_Guilty_Spark152d ago

BF is 900p60 on PS4...So it'll probably run 1800p60 on PS4Pro and 4K60 on Xbox One X

OMGitzThatGuy152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

@343 I wish. The X is made to run 1080p titles at 4k or some 900p titles at 4k. BF is 720p on OG One so doubt it'll be 4k60. Dynamic resolution like the Pro is possible tho but knowing Dice the framerate for all consoles are barely ever going to be locked.

Aenea152d ago


DICE is good, but they can't lift a [email protected] game on Xbox One to [email protected] on the One X.

It's these types of beliefs that is going to bite you in the arse come November. Just don't make them, just say things like "it will look best blabla" instead of believing in a fantasy.


Exactly, but look at your disagrees, many Xbox fans are going to be disappointed at the end of the year! They shouldn't 'cos the games will still look freaking fantastic on it (also on Pro, yet better on One X)...

DaDrunkenJester152d ago

Interested if they will use the power in other ways also. Probably faux 4k but pump up more particle effects and more AA etc. I guess we will see fairly soon.

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Aenea152d ago

I wouldn't bet on added effects. The game is 720p on the Xbox One, they will need all the power to get to the highest resolution possible on the One X without having extra power left for added effects.

Though, have to admit, if they use checkerboard rendering this time around on both Pro and One X which they've added to their engine since we've seen it in action with Anthem they might use that and reach 2160p checkerboard rendered on both Pro and One X and then the One X WILL indeed have enough extra power to add more effects...

sd11153d ago

This is great news, although it was also expected. Now MS just need to open up official preorders or at the least update us so that we have an idea of when preorders will open up.

sd11152d ago

I am hoping they open preorders before then so i can tranfer store credit i have across. But you are likely correct.

alb1899152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

The developers keeps giving love to the X1X.

Bigpappy152d ago

But I keep hearing there are no games to play on it. So that means we would be able to play this; Assassins creed; Shadow of War; Anthem; Project Cars; Forza ... Sorry no games allowed on this 4K Monster. Fanboys have spoken.

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