Riot Games Sues Game Developer Over League of Legends Knockoffs

Riot Games has many, many copycats out there. Some are legitimate games inspired by League of Legends' formula, and some are unapologetic knock-offs. In the case of Shanghai Moontoon Technology, Riot is apparently sick of it and has filed a lawsuit against them.

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princejb134253d ago

i hope they don't shut the company down. I currently play mobile legends and i love it. Gives me a taste of lol on mobile

TXIDarkAvenger253d ago (Edited 253d ago )

Try Vainglory.

I have no doubt this game will shut down. It's a straight copy of LoL right down to the champions.

Here you can see a copy of Ashe, Annie, Garen, Nero (DMC), Tyrande (WoW), and Roadhog (Overwatch). It's hilarious they think they have a chance at fighting this.

neocores8055253d ago

If thats true the DOTA can SUE riot for Similar map dis,chars and so on lol RIOT JUST BEING A BULLY

TXIDarkAvenger253d ago

Uh the map, characters, abilities are all different between LoL and DOTA.

These knockoffs have copy characters right down to the looks and abilities. Even similar names.

samden253d ago (Edited 253d ago )

@neocores8055, how can DOTA sue Riot when DOTA had no copyright? DOTA was a mod made in a Blizzard game, the creators have no legal ground to sue anyone even if there is a direct rip off. Whereas the creators of Mobile Legends is not even trying to hide the fact they are ripping everything off and the map even looks to be copy and paste from LoL.