New ARMS update out now (version 2.0.0) - Max Brass, Hedlok Scramble mode, Stats, Events, more

ARMS has received a new update, and it’s a big update. All players should now be able to download version 2.0.0.

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Gemmol15d ago

great update, keep it coming i played 4 hours bringing me to 45 hours of playing it

bacrec115d ago

I appreciate the support arms is receiving. Can't get enough of it.

MadMax15d ago

Just saw 1 neon switch left last Monday morning at a Walmart, and decided what the heck. Scored one along with Arms that day. That is a very fun game! Definitely reminds me of a cross between punch out and power stone. Interesting characters and has that classic old school
Nintendo feel.

Please keep these kinda games coming Nintendo! This is what will sell and what the public want from you!!!!

Gemmol14d ago

welcome to almighty switch

Lime12310d ago Show