How Horror Games Are Helping Me Cope With My Abusive Past

WeTheNerdy's John Clark talks about how he learned to copy with an abusive childhood through experiencing the simulated terror of horror games.

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Tech5498d ago

Interesting article. games do help with life's hardest times that's for sure. an interesting game to add to the list is - Life is strange. it's not horror but it's got a interesting story that quite a few can connect with.

TheOttomatic91498d ago

Wow shit I'm so sorry you had to go through all that but it's great your finding a way to cope and move past what happened.

Although fair warning if you love Dead Space avoid the third entry like the plague.

Durrzerker498d ago

Hah, well, I own the game already so I may as well try it. Thank you for the kind words, though. I'm definitely always trying to move on from my past and look forward!

EatCrow497d ago

Glad he is able to get through it like that.
Some people unfortunately are not able to find help in videogames. I know a man who was in Iraq and he is completely unable to play any game with guns because of the horrible experience he had there.

Good to see some can find help in this awesome media.