Before The Spider-Man: Insomniac Games’ Awesome History

From its early start on the PlayStation to the web-slinger's latest adventure, Insomniac Games has gone for quite a ride. WWG looks back at the developer's greatest accomplishments!

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TheOttomatic91524d ago

An underrated gem they had was their very first product Disurptor, it was a Doom Clone made exclusively for PS1 that looked and ran great with FMV cutscenes.

TheDCD524d ago

I loved it, too. Actually thinking about getting a Disruptor logo tattooed on my arm.

TheOttomatic91523d ago

Oooh nice choice my friend 👍

andrewsquall524d ago

I love the 4 main Ratchet games from the PS3 era. After seeing the debut trailer of Tools of Destruction I had to go back and play Ratchet and Clank 2 and 3 before it came out. Reminded me of having to go back and complete Silent Hill after seeing Silent Hill 2's next gen debut footage back in the day.
They pushed the envelope with Resistance too with the first game debuting on PSN with 40 player support bumped to hectic 60 player support in the sequel 2 years later.
The Spyro Trilogy is still my most favorite Insomniac Games thing though.

ChicagoSam523d ago

If there's one remaster that I absolutely would have loved it would have been the Resistance series. It's 2017 dammit. :)

Nodoze449d ago

I am more than a bit surprised that this has not been done already. I mean they took an absolute bath financially on Sunset Overdrive. Those resources would have been much better spent upgrading and polishing up Resistance for PS4. I liked the first one, liked the second, but LOVED the third! All in all a great series.