10 More Video Games Perfect for an Animated Netlfix Series

Twinfinite Writes: With the release of the Castlevania Netflix show, we take a look at eight other games that would be perfect choices for an animated series.

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Soulst0rmer521d ago (Edited 521d ago )

Legend of Zelda or Borderlands

Sciurus_vulgaris521d ago (Edited 521d ago )

From Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, I would like to eventually see animated adaptions of the following:

MS- Conker, a series comparable to Rick & Morty
- Perfect Dark, a Ghost in The Shell-like series that takes the original stories, and improves them. Focusing on Joanna's origins and developement as an agent/bounty hunter.

Sony- Sly Cooper, a series chronicling Sly's various adventures, between and before the games.
- Uncharted series, that focuses on Sully's adventures, during his younger years, before "adopting" Nathan.

Nintendo- Metroid, a series chronicling Samus' early bounty hunting, and adventures.

Darkfist_Flames520d ago

Theres already going to be a Sly cooper tv series

Sciurus_vulgaris520d ago

I thought Sly, was getting a feature film like Ratchet did last year.

TheOttomatic91520d ago

@Sciurus_vulgaris I think it was quietly cancelled.