Revisiting: 'Dark Souls II' (2014)

Screen Critics Sam revisits 2014's Dark Souls II, the sequel to the hit RPG Dark Souls. Is the game still as good as you remember?

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ziggurcat373d ago

I just got the platinum for the SotFS edition, and it was way easier than what I remember. I co-op'd just about every boss when I played it on PS3, but had absolutely zero trouble doing the whole game solo this time around (could be because I played through Bloodborne, and DS 3 before replaying this game). I am also fairly certain that they even dumbed the game down a bit in the first run through the game compared to the original version.

nitus10372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

Not really, you just "got gud" and the second or even the third time around is the charm.

I saw my son play Bloodborne from scratch (he had completed NG+ as well the "Old Hunters") and he took out Farther Gascogne in less than a minute without cheating or cheesing wth the "Saw Cleaver". At no stage did he use the music box.

Actually, the PS4 version of Dark Souls 2 is really good since it hits 60 fps which appears to make the game so much easier to play although I still don't suggest attacking the beast in the Forest of Giants with a dagger nor do I suggest attacking the Pursuer before you finally have to fight him.

There are a few things you learn from playing a Souls or Bloodborne game the first is "think" and don't ever get "salty", the second is "git gud" and third is "git bttr". Of course enjoying the game counts as well.

ziggurcat372d ago

I have the platinum on the original version as well when the game was first released, and I remember it being a bit trickier the first time I went through the game. There were even spots that I remember there being enemies, and they were removed in NG on the SotFS edition.

I mean, I can see how going through BB, and DS3 improved my abilities before going back to DS2, but I know that DS2 is considered the easiest of the series (it's the only one where the devs said they were going to try to make the game "more accessible", which often means dumbed down difficulty, etc...). I even played through about half of the game without a shield, and I *never* do that in a souls game!