In Theory: Would A Hypothetical PS5 With A Ryzen CPU And 10 TFLOPs GPU Deliver True Photorealism?

PS5 will surely deliver breathtaking visuals but will it achieve true photorealism?

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zivtheawesome405d ago

probably not and in the end it depends on what are our parameters for "true photorealism" for some it would probably never be achieveable while for others it would seem like we are already there.

gameseveryday405d ago

The definition of photorealism is not confusing to be honest. Many games like Uncharted 4 come close to photo-realism but they are still ways off. This not to say the game looks bad or something. It looks pretty breathtaking but still there are ways to go before developers achieve true photorealism. I think the ps5 and the next xbox will make the line between realism and in-game graphics even thinner.

cartoonx1404d ago

well those arent the only thing that makes photorealistic. Uncharted or other games do have amazing sceneries and characters model its far from photo real when it comes to animations/interactions/ with 3d objects or physics it all looks so unnatural.
doubt if we can get to that level it isnt just about power it will need huge amount of work which may not justify for any company.

sizeofyou404d ago

Agree with zivtheawesome...
To me, none of the games mentioned are anywhere near photorealistic. They're mighty fine looking but still have a cartoon quality - and natural humans and animals will perplex processors for decades to come!

KwietStorm404d ago

The developers themselves called Uncharted 4 hyper realism. The character models, especially close up in cutscenes, are definitely close to photorealistic, but generally the environments and saturation are going for a more fun look.

kevnb404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

uncharted is highly stylized and looks something like a cgi generated cartoon, not real life.

Skull521404d ago

Until you see it on PC you won't see it on a console.

nicsaysdie404d ago

How can something "come close", and still be "a ways off"?

bluefox755404d ago

@Skull521 You'll see it on a PC tech demo before anything, but being honest, you'll likely see it on a first party console game before you see it on a PC game. With the exception of Crysis, nothing else on PC really competes with games that punch well above their weight like Uncharted 4 or Horizon as far as visual quality. PC certainly has potential with regard to hardware power, but it doesn't have many developers taking full advantage of that power, presumably because high end PCs are a pretty niche market.

mad-dog404d ago

Uncharted isn't meant to look photorealistic. It's highly stylised.

fr0sty403d ago

Any CG visual, even if you rendered it for weeks on farms of computers, is going to only fool you into thinking it is the real thing for so long. Video games manage to do it in spans of a few seconds, and only a select few ever reach that point. Movies can usually go in the tens of seconds before something looks off about it, and even then only a select few ever really achieve it. We're close, but even in pre-rendered visuals, we still have some room to grow.

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BlackTar187404d ago

The uncanny valley.

Anyone who thinks we're already there needs to go look at a photo again.

pinkcrocodile75403d ago

Agreed, we are a LOOOONG way off that neither the PS5 or the X2 will achieve that either

Trilithon404d ago

this is true. PS3 was able to render a photoreal grey box within a grey box. Simply stunning. what is true photorealism? i could take pictures of the clouds right now with my iphone and theyd look CG. poeple want to make things perfectly photoreal, when in reality nothings perfect... or real

Gamist2dot0404d ago

Drive Club looks photo real to me so it's all about tricks and talent from here on out.

KickSpinFilter403d ago

Driveclub looks like film (movie) compared to GTSport/Forza that feel more like HiRes sterile computer art, if ya get my drift. DC just has not been beat yet.

ps4fanboy403d ago

At a glance ,resembling reality ,it can never be anything more,less you leave the parameter of photo realism ,as described.

BG11579403d ago

You can alway deliver a true 4k Pong game with consoles as powerful as todays consoles, but why would we do that ? It depends on the game.

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OmnislashVer36405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

Depends, some games could come close but most won't. I'm more interested in seeing games that take an heavier art style cue or fantastical element into account as well as graphics. Look at Spidey or FFVIIR for instance. Or Kingdom Hearts IV will look like a damn Pixar movie(they're almost there, just some jaggies that need to be ironed out).

I'd love to see more fantasy games in that vein, they could do some really timeless stuff with PS5. That's what I'm hoping the most for with PS5- fantasy games- bring em'.

gameseveryday405d ago

I think as far as Pixar quality is concerned, I'd say that ratchet and clank ps4 comes quite least the in-engine cutscenes. Gameplay, however, still has a long way to go before it reaches to that level.

cartoonx1404d ago

true, current pixel movies has some very natural looking animations/interactions. games are not there it will take time to get that level of CGI.

Darkwatchman404d ago

On a ps4 pro on a 4K tv, I'd argue even the real time in-game visuals come quite close to Pixar films.

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OmnislashVer36404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

I think some people are missing the point of what I'm saying- I'm saying that impressive graphics alone are nice, but when adding a specific art style, whether it be Pixar, or FFVIIR's 'deformed' style that looks like the prerendered CG backgrounds from the original FFVII with a ton of extra detail, or JRPG fantasy aspects(clothing, fantastical architecture, hair, or otherwise) can really round out a style. Also Spidey's suit is easier to render than say a human face. All of these fantastical elements can make a game timeless. Personally I'd rather have that than games that aim for true realism, because not only are we far further off from it, but we get a ton of those games. I want to see the fantasy genre get bigger on PS5 is all I'm saying.

kneon403d ago

No it doesn't depend, it's just not gong to happen for quite some time.

It takes hours or even days to render a single photorealistic image on a high end computer, we need to get that down to at most 1/30th of a second.

To those saying some games are close now, you have really low standards for photorealism. True photorealism means you can't tell it's a not photo without extreme close examination. Here are some good examples, if you think that there are any games close to this level of realism then you need to have your eyes checked.

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andrewsquall404d ago

I dunno but I guess we will find out in at least another 2 and a half years.

Christopher404d ago

Jumping the train on this whole thing are we? Gotta hype up the future consoles now rather than just wait and see where technology is in a few years and how much it costs?

sigrid404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

What? Speculation happens on all devices.

Sony has said there will be a PS5, Kaz has said they are already scouting hardware. AMD has already shown there Ryzen/Vega APU and have publicly visible timelines for there future GPU's CPU' and APU's beyond 2020. The Ryzen/Vega APU will be out later this year so it's not at all unreasonable to assume that's what will be the basis of a PS5 with a 2019-2020 timeline. Given the history AMD has with the console makers, especially since they are the only company that really provides custom all in one low power solutions aka APU's it's reasonable to assume they will be the provider.

Christopher404d ago

Speculation does happen all the time. That doesn't make all forms of it worthwhile or even worth exploring years in advance when there is no costs, benchmarks, it similar data to support it. Let alone it's going to be the GPU that drives the point on things being photo realistic as that entails extremely high quality textures running in 4k.

dcbronco403d ago

Sigrid, the APU AMD is bringing out early next year is going to be base level current console power according to AMD. I do think they are making changes because it should have launched in January of this year so it might be a little more powerful. I also think they will incorporate things from Pro and X into that APU. The APU they launch in 2019 will be closer but at a much lower power envelope. That chip will start a debate about the need for either midrange PCs or consoles. The power on that should be closer to X or better I would think so it might come down to a $400 notebook or $400 consoles. The consoles will be more powerful but a portable device, with 5g connectivity and 8 or more teraflops on the GPU with Zen cores. That's why I believe consoles may go with Vega on GPU to keep cost down.

Sony also has to get something similar to Microsoft's ability to emulate any OS. People can think BC doesn't matter but the ability to continue playing your entire collection from now on is big. There won't be an issue of a games graphics holding up with everything in 4k whether checkerboard or not. They will be playable for years to come.

N1GHT_W0LF_X404d ago

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