Satoru Iwata: Remembering Nintendo's Smiling President and His Lesser-Known Triumphs

Comicbook: "Well, it's officially July 11 in Japan, which means it's been two years since the passing of Nintendo's former president Satoru Iwata. Nintendo fans across the world are still waking up on July 10 and heaving sad sighs over the loss of this incredibly charismatic and innovative executive. Nintendo had never known such forward-thinking leadership until the appointment of Iwata as president, and I doubt that we'll ever see an executive in that role capable of making us smile like Iwata could.

On the anniversary of his death, I think it's important to remember that Iwata's influence is still ongoing, and far-reaching. Iwata was very much a part of the early development of what would eventually become the Nintendo Switch, and he even worked on Pokémon Go while he was ill. Those two things, of course, are still performing incredibly well, and we can't help but wish that Iwata were here to see the success of the Nintendo Switch and how much joy it's bringing to gamers all over the world."

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Elronza101d ago

Man talk about a very sad month for me personally. July 2nd 2015 my dad died. Then just nine days later one of my favorite gaming industry giants/personalities died. I loved Kirby's Dream Land as a kid as well as tons of other games Iawata worked on, and Nintendo Directs haven't been the same without him! RIP Iawata and game on forever!