IGN: Kharkov: Disaster on the Donets Review

Kharkov represents the good and the bad of the hardcore wargame genre. On the plus side, the modeling and detail are quite high and should satisfy any desktop commander. The new features, particularly the Area of Operations, enhance the realism and uncertainty of the battlefield, and the AI presents enough of a challenge that victory actually means something.

On the bad side, Kharkov requires too much of an investment from new players, particularly so given that you're basically just replaying the same 16-turn scenario again and again. Yes, there's plenty of room for variety within the single battle, but even hardcore fans will start itching for new content soon. That coupled with the difficulties in even learning the basics of the game won't discourage most grognards, but it won't do much to attract new players either.

Presentation - 8.0
Graphics - 6.5
Sound - 6.0
Gameplay - 8.0
Lasting Appeal - 8.0
Overall -

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