Blizzard, Please Fix Solo Queuing in Competitive Overwatch

It’s no secret that Season 5 of Competitive Overwatch has been rough. Whether it’s the controversial rebalance patches, ineffective reporting tools, or the continuing leaver problem, players have had a lot to be frustrated about. But it’s been Blizzard’s Skill Rating strategy that has brought some ugliness to the Overwatch community, and illuminates some of the game’s biggest problems.

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thekhurg289d ago

The same problem is found in HotS. That game is full of toxicity at levels below Master. For many players if you're unfortunate enough to get stuck at bronze/silver it's nearly impossible to get out.

Quitters, afkers, griefers, feeders, and people with 1000 latency fill those lower ranks. Putting together the required winning streak to GTFO is next to impossible in solo ranked.

Salooh289d ago (Edited 289d ago )

I have been solo Queuing since overwatch released, Road(my rightfully main that i worked hard to learn over and over after each patch) was helping me to carry the game when we had trolls..etc. Every time i try to get a team they give up because of bad moments like trolls, so back than I wasn't struggling to reach master alone because of my main, i was doing more than my job when i am really really intense and focusing(That's called skills, it's hard to acquire, i have to play like 5-10 qp matches to reach this state of focus), now since the nerf, no one is even letting me take road because they know how much depressing his state is because it takes 3 times the effort to do as much damage as before, meaning on fire most of the game which is completely unfair.

To show you how stupid this is, I had this match today, we were attacking, i am never toxic but i see two snipers in the team and the team tell me to let them do their thing and never force them to take what they are not good at , which is a good thing and i am the first to be reasonable in picks, but when it comes for road they never give me a chance to think about road let alone play him, this shows how unfair this is from the roots, no one in his heart think this is fair for road players, those who wanted the nerf just wanted to get rid of road.

i have been learning most characters, do you know how hard it is to change your main ? I shouldn't even be in this position since no character in overwatch was changed this much, what's worst is that he was freaking balanced before the nerf.. Stupid bliz.. Now i don't have a main and i solo and deal with difficult people to play with.

GhostlyJunior289d ago

Yeah, people would rather nerf Hog than figure out how to deal with him.

GhostlyJunior289d ago

I don't think Blizz has done a great job dealing with that. They're great at making games, but they still have a lot to learn to make team-play welcoming.