X-Play: 'Sonic Unleashed' Preview

Sega reveals the latest details on the anticipated return of the blue blur with a preview of their upcoming platformer title for the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PS3, Sonic Unleashed.

Rest assured fans--Sonic has tied up his red sneaks and is set to set his trails on fire as Sega has revamped the title's speed mechanics. With new moves such as drifting, there is no reason for Sonic to slow down in this title, especially when running at 300MPH. However, the Sonic Team has added an interesting combat mechanic to Unleashed, with the introduction of the Werehog.

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buckethead_X3700d ago

Does anyone else think this game looks awesome? For some reason, that preview has gotten me excited for this game. Maybe it'll be the next great Sonic game. I was once rather fond of Sonic games. I sense redemption :D