Best Games Of 2017 So Far: Injustice 2, Resident Evil 7, Zelda, And Other Must-Haves

The first half of 2017 was stacked. Honestly, its difficult to remember a year that’s seen a better lineup of games released in its first six months – this may be as good as its ever been. Usually, you wait until the end of the year to pick your favorite video games, but the first half of 2017 deserves a list all its own...

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PigPen226d ago

Horizon at number five is about right. I always said that game was over hype. That's almost in line with its Metascore.

Soulst0rmer226d ago

Horizon zero dawn has been my favorite Western game this year. Persona 5 is definitely my favorite Japanese game this year. I think I'm getting redundant and saying this but Castlevania lecarde Chronicles 2 on PC is my favorite game that I played this year

Dark_Knightmare2226d ago

You do know horizon as a higher metascore then both injustice 2 and resident evil 7 so your little fanboy comment makes no sense.

PigPen226d ago

I see where you're going with this, but to what end. I'll admit it's wasn't the perfect example. And to be clear, Horizon is a great game. Just don't be silly, it definitely don't deserve to be number one.

Krysis226d ago

But not higher than Zelda, which is my favorite this year. As a matter of fact Zelda is the highest rated this gen.

AspiringProGenji226d ago

Whatever your problem is mate... Horizon is a very good game, and it is not like 5 is a low number. Besides this list is not related to metascore in any way

Overhyped? What about the people that were so sure it was gonna suck because "OmG The makers of Killzone?" i said Horizon delivered the hype and shut every of them up. Guerrila did not promise anything from another world. They delivered, like it or not

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Legatus226d ago

HZD has a metascore of 89 and has sold 3.4 million copies in the first two moths, it's a first entry of the new, beautiful Playstation franchise. If anything, it's underhyped. Also why so much negativity and downplaying towards anything Sony related from you ?

Razzer226d ago haven't played it so how would you know?

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DialgaMarine226d ago

@PigPen + Wooly_ Can you trolls even try anymore. We appreciate the honesty about you having never played it, but to admit that and then act like you somehow know where this game deserves to be on the quality, is completely childish. Something tells me if this game were on another platform, you'd be all about it and butthurt that it's not #1. Whatever.

Numbers don't lie; it's a great start to a potentially phenomenal franchise whether you like that fact or not. Hope you enjoy missing out on greatness because your heads are too far up your asses.

226d ago
Razzer225d ago, the issue is with fanboys yapping about games they haven't played. What you have "seen" is irrelevant. Play it or STFU

225d ago
DialgaMarine225d ago

It's got nothing to do with you criticizing a PS exclusive; if you actually played and had a negative opinion, that's all well and good. For example, I actually played Gears 4 and found it to be one of the most boring and poorly done games I've played in years. My opinion

The problem literally is that you're openly criticizing a game you admit to having not played. I don't know what you've seen, but the human AI is far better than most games out there. That, and your criticism of the watchers can literally be applied to basically every game in existence that has stealth mechanics. Legit stealth with hyper intelligent AI would basically be impossible to play and offer no entertainment value, so why the hell that is somehow a gripe for you just proves you're grasping at straws here.

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Dark_Knightmare2226d ago

Imo and plenty of others it def deserves number 1 with only Zelda and persona challenging it. Injustice 2 and resident evil 7 were both very good but they def werent better then what horizon brought to the table

Dragonscale225d ago

Yeah funny how no xbone games even made the list lol. 3 of those titles are PS4 exclusive. So salty.

Travis3708223d ago

You gotta be BS me! HZD is not overhyped.

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InKnight7s226d ago

Persona 5 must have no matter what.

PigPen226d ago

Where is zivtheawesome? Lol

EddieNX 226d ago

You know whats at number one. Still playing it now 4 months after release.

Eonjay226d ago

Sound like you really enjoy Zelda and are somewhat of an advocate for them. I have Injustice, Horizon and Persona and I think you would like these great games too.

Krysis226d ago

They can disagree all they want, Zelda is the most critically acclaimed game this gen with a 97 meta. I'm still playing as well. You gotta love games that have replay ability and not 1 and done

Razzer225d ago

I'm still playing Zelda (over 60 hours), but I enjoyed Horizon Zero Dawn and Persona 5 more. To each their own.

DaleCooper226d ago

This year is amazing. I'd love to see Mario and zelda face off for GOTY this year.

Zelda is my top game so far, followed by RE7, then Horizon.

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