Two New DS & Two New Wii Titles Announced

The latest issue of Famistu has announced four new titles, two for DS and two for Wii, and details on these games have been released.

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Neo Nugget3665d ago

Not what I was expecting =(

Lelouch V Brit3665d ago

I Agree But at least we get something, My Wii is Collecting Dust.

zenintude3665d ago

awesome! too bad it seems like the author of this article is too young to really understand what it is... a port of a ps1 platformer, not an rpg.

tocrazed4you3665d ago

I seriously hope they have something better... Don't let htem go crazy thougha nd announce kingdom hearts 3 lol

picoso363665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

....I guess you'll be the only one having fun..."

a PS1 port???? pathetic! Give us a KIRBY game for the Wii now, dagnabit!

Wii is sarah palin's console of choice! C'mon Nintendo...