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Full review of the new Nintendo exclusive game for Switch, "ARMS".


"A brilliant mix of Smash Bros., Powerstone and Punch-Out!!, ARMS is an immediately gripping experience that takes no time falling in love with. Whilst those are some lofty comparisons, ARMS deserves every one of them, and for my money has already secured itself as a wonderful Nintendo IP that deserves iteration. I was thrilled, then, to hear that Nintendo would be supporting ARMS with new fighters, stages and modes for free in the coming months. This is a great commitment, because like any other full-priced fighter aside from the ludicrously generous Smash Bros., ARMS struggles to validate the price tag."

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BlackTar187286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

i have this game and for the life of me can't see what even makes it good. It's not that great imo. Wasted my money.

Just seems so cheap

Btw i like Power stone, SSB and OG punch out and SNES punch out.

armchairDev285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

I agree. This might be ok for kids, but it's crap for adults. At least you can sell or trade it.