Sony says PlayStation 3 sales better than expected

Reuters: "Sony Corp's (6758.T: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) PlayStation 3 video game console and its portable cousin, the PSP, are selling faster than expected and are poised to meet full-year sales targets even if the current economic crisis hurts holiday demand, Sony said on Wednesday.

Driven by solid demand by video games, and the appeal of the Blu-ray disc movie system built into the devices, PlayStation 3 sales are some 30 percent better than Sony's plan so far in its fiscal year, according to Jack Tretton, Chief Executive of Sony Computer Entertainment of America."

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ozsman3702d ago

Humble these days aren't we.

comm133702d ago

I think it is more for investors and the stock market rather than a publicity stunt.

supremacy3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )


whats that supposed to mean?

so now what he's supposed to be like that fat guy at cnet crapping at everything one of its outlets competitors dishes out? lol

is he supposed to be like cliffb?

or better yet peter Moore?


look man, let the man be excited that's what he does, sales and forecast for the company, anything else isn't that important if you ask me.

if anything humble makes a professional look well? professional lol

now if he were to start sounding like some uneducated fanboy and started crapping on its competitors than i would most likely be on your side crapping on him. But he's not, so let him be for now at least. lol

oh and is that your dog? on the picture? cuz it looks like it needs a rabies shot or something. lol jk

ozsman3702d ago

Sooooo u a funny man eh.....I don't see whats funny about Sony being humble these days. Its better than all there bs from the past years.

Ariexv3702d ago

Lol PS3 Under 10 million sold so far confirmed.

ghostface3702d ago

That's north america an canada sells only.

zimbo0073702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

10m was their target in North America and the fiscal year between 07-08

It will be 13-14m at the end of the year

However For MS --target is just 8m and it will stay like that even at half the price

This means PS3 is outselling x360 3;1 in europe --a dead territory for x360

In Japan x360 dies on TGS SONY conference

It will be fully buried on 25th december

(x360 is dead in both those regions ages ago. It costs 1/3 as a ps3 in both japan and europe and ps3 outsold it in LTD sales ages ago)

Spread Butt Cheeks3702d ago


PoSTedUP3702d ago

its good to hear 30%. sony must be proud : D

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3702d ago

I'm VERY proud!!! ;-D

Everything is going well for the PS3(Whatever the xBot Lemming F00LS on this say!!!)

OH!!! OK!!! OK!!! You xBot Lemmings KEEP ON PM'in me asking to see it...So...Just for you!!!...
Here it comes!!!...
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|............____|...____| ;-D

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JustCallMeDaddy3702d ago

There is one thing you have to remember, the PS3 was supposed to fail, so if it is still alive, it has exceeded expectations.

Blu Ray33702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

in all honesty,and all N4G should agree with me,
Sony.....considering the fact they have TWO generations under their belt as uno number one in console sales,have NO reason to be proud yet,
until they obliterate the 360 and the Wii in sales.
And I have serious concerns that won't happen this gen.

To put it bluntly,they f#cked up,while Nintendo and MS did a sneak attack and kicked them up the backside.
I hope they come out of this gen alright,because the loss of the Playstation brand would be a devastating blow to console gaming as we know it.

PopEmUp3702d ago

was to take a lead now look at who doing the catch up btw ain't 260 cheaper than the wii why can't outsell what a pity

karlostomy3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

.... when you see Juuken start getting abusive.
.... when you get a PM from Nasim

Stryfeno23702d ago

You sir are 100% correct.

Nasim and his many alias PMs you with fake numbers and Juuken types the filthiest comments.

Those two should get married.

GameDev3702d ago

great comments do have at least one requirement and that is that you not be talking out of your ass.

this bot FAILS.

juuken3702d ago

A great comment?
You're just as stupid as he is.

karlostomy3701d ago

right on cue...

Now where's my PM from Nasim?

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Omega43702d ago

What do you expect when your expectations are so low

zimbo0073702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

MS expectation is just 8m units

I wonder whether it would reach it though since price cut SPIKED sales for a week or 2 in all territories

in eruope except UK it had no effect

in Japan x360 is falling back to 3k units per week after the surge --29k -14k-1 0k

and finally 5k next week


SONY doesnt need to drop the price in europe

even at 1$ no european will buy x360 except for some british


MS doesnt even talk about europe /Japan except UK where x360 had a TEMPORARY SPIKE but it will eventua;lly go down no doubt

In Netherlands no one wants x360.MANY multiplat games like FIFA 09/COD4/DMC4/BURNOUT run and look better on PS3

Ofcourse every multiplat title will look better on PS3 if u have an HDMI 1.3 suppoted cable. However x360 doesnt even support HDMI 1.3

50% of the multiplat games look better on PS3

However the exclusive games look way better on PS3. PS3 runs games at 1080p , 60 fps --something impossible for Oven codenamed x360

PS3 in 2008 has sold 5.6m units

X360 sold just 3.2m units . sucks to be an xbot

PopEmUp3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

you saying that the 360 expectation are so high so it end up with RROD around the globe lol :D

BrunoM3702d ago

the 10 Mil is usa i mean (north america) sales

o well whats good for sony is good for gamers even 360 gamers ..

GameDev3702d ago

the 10 mil is the for the year worldwide

ChrisGTR13702d ago

yea, well if you actually remember, they lowered their expected sales last year.

Bnet3433702d ago

Well it depends what their expectations were. If what you say is true, then I can't really say this is good news.


And last year have to do with this year?

Beast_Master3701d ago

Last year in Sept they only sold like 120,000 consoles this time last year, now they have over 200,000+ plus per month which means that year over year the demand is doubling for the PS3, and when HD market becomes even more popular then Mr. Trenton can be happy if they are selling 300,000 a month for the Blu-ray + better games list. So they do have alot to be excited about.

Note: I am not saying that the 360 demand will decrease but I think Sony & Co, would agree that making the games division healthy is priority one right now.