Sony TGS 2008 Line-up

Sony has revealed what PSP and PS3 games will be shown at this years Tokyo Game Show.

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BrunoM3701d ago

Guitar Hero III (PS3) : playable
- FIFA 09 (PS3) : playable
- Street Fighter IV (PS3) : playable
- Resident Evil 5 (PS3) : playable
- Lumines Super Nova (PS3) : playable
- Metal Gear Solid Online (PS3) : playable
- Way of the Samurai 3 (PS3) : playable
- Sonic Unleashed (PS3) : playable
- Socom : Confrontation (PS3) : playable
- PlayStation Home (PS3) : playable
- Dokodemo Issho (PS3) : playable
- MotorStorm Pacific Rift (PS3) : playable
- LittleBigPlanet (PS3) : playable
- Resistance 2 (PS3) : playable
- WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 (PS3) : playable
- Dynasty Warriors : Gun dam 2 (PS3) : playable
- Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm (PS3) : playable
- Devil Kings : Battle Heroes (PSP) : playable
- Dynasty Warriors Multi Raid (PSP) : playable
- Warriors Orochi 2 (PSP) : playable
- Kingdom Hearts : Birth by Sleep (PSP) : playable
- Dissidia : Final Fantasy (PSP) : playable
- Secret Agent Clank (PSP) : playable
- Ape Quest (PSP) : playable
- Patapon 2 (PSP) : playable
- Bleach : Soul Carnival (PSP) : playable
- Dokodemo Issho (PSP) : playable
- Yusha no Kuse ni Namaikida 2 (PSP) : playable
- LocoRoco 2 (PSP) : playable
- The Idolmaster SP (PSP) : playable
- Mobile Suit Gun dam : Gun dam Vs. Gun dam (PSP) : playable
- Tales of the World : Radiant Mythology 2 (PSP) : playable
- 1 unannounced PS3 game from IREM
- 1 unannounced PS3 game from Konami
- 9 unannounced PS3 games + 3 unannounced PSP games from Sony Computer Entertainment

Love the sound of the last thing ...
1 from irem .. i wonder what that iss lol..

1 from Konami ... i hope that is ZOE3 ..

And 9 New games for the ps3 kick a$$ even tho i think like 6 of thouse will be psn games ..

and 3 new psps games kooll..

cant wait

INehalemEXI3701d ago

Yup, was gona say... - 1 unannounced PS3 game from Konami let it be ZoE3.

MazzingerZ3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Well, if those 6 PSN games are anything like SIREN:BC, Wipeout HD, Warhawk, them I guess is nothing to complain about ;)...I know you meant Arcade-like games, hope we get to see more of Fat Princess

Zone of the Enders 3 would be great...or a MGS3 remake =)...Konami owns also a lot of franchises, let's hope for a revival of some classic game

Gamekilla3701d ago

Come on sony! even in unplayable form, just give me some in-game footage of our favorite spartan!

TOO PAWNED3701d ago

Why people say stuff like "9 games? Well most likely 6 of them are PSN games!".
Its like those people try to make it less relevant if those games are for PSN. Lets say if that was the case(it wont be i am sure) still what is PSN games? Something like Whipeout HD, R&C:QFB, Siren, PixelJunk EDEN,etc? Are those "bad" games? Are those games less important since they are only on PSN? I dont get it really. WE have 11 unannounced games (for now i expect few more from 3rd publishers)just for PS3, all of them exclusives, cant we just be excited?!

BTW i expect out of those 9, at least 5 games to be Blue ray, big budget games.

Also if we add WKS and Yakuza 3, already announced games, also that Afrika like game but under water(dont know the name) there are really so so many, almost to many games that we are going to see in just 48 hours, October 9th-10th

CBosh43701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

I'll be praying for Kingdom Hearts 3 or Dark Cloud 3, although Level 5 and the Kingdom Hearts team are hard at work on a bunch of other games so i wouldnt hold my breath. Either way theres plenty of games to be excited about on PS3.

BrunoM3701d ago

I get what you guys mean ... and no Being PSN game aint a bad thing at all ... id say out of all psn games like 2 are bad all others are GREAT games i have spend around 180Bucks on psn ..

and i hope ur right if 5 out of thouse 9 are blueRay games kick A$$

its all about how good the games are not in what format they are on ... and now on something i think i saw at SEV's website the old alex kid from mater system mai be coming to psn ..

id be siting indront of my ps3 waiting for that lol..

juuken3701d ago

But no God of War III? >.<

deeznuts3701d ago

It says 9 unannounced games right from SCE? Could one of those be GOWIII? Or are the TGS crowd not into that.

thePatriot3701d ago

nobi nobi boy
white knight

Light Yagami3700d ago

This is Sony's show. Team Ico will be there. It will be incredible.

Sevir043700d ago

1 of them is Bumpy Trot 2:Steam Boat Chronicles which is an RPG, the other game famitsu announced by them is a PSN game, and it's a remake of the 8 bit classic slepunk HD...

and we ALSO know that 1 of the unannouced titles is Demon Souls by From Software and Sony..

From Konami it can onlt be 1 of 4 games, Suikoden 6, Gradius 6, ZOE 3 or CastleVenia game

RememberThe3573700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

No White Night Chronicles? Wasn't that game supposed to be out in December? How is it not going to be at TGS? Or is Level-5 going to show it themselves?

Beast_Master3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

The bigger Question is are the "unannouced games" really stuff we have never heard of before or games we pretty much know about. I mean White Knight Chronicles/Story isn't on the list but we all know it is going to be a TGS and we know one of the games is Team ICO's Project. So Sony Japan Studio which is just as big as London (I think) would have at least 2-3 Blu-ray games and if the rumors are true we know KH3 will be one, and that is where things get interesting.

Will we see anything from the western studios like Sony Liverpools secret game, or Uncharted 2 official reveal or Jaffe's Next gen Twisted Metal or will it be just Japan Studios showcase it's PSN projects like Ectocrome and the last guy teams next projects.
I know most people here are screaming for a ZOE 3 but I would like to see a Castlevainia game exclusive would do for next gen..Or hear is a long shot doesn't Konomi own the rights to Contra as well? I mean we have seen a new Bionic Commando why not a re imagined contra game of some kind would be hard to pull off but maybe with the right vision it could work.

mfwahwah3700d ago

Nobi Nobi Boy will be in video form only.

WKC should be there in playable form.

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fishd3701d ago

Team ICO
Team ICO
Team ICO
Team ICO
Team ICO
Team ICO
Team ICO
Team ICO
Team ICO
Team ICO

LarVanian3701d ago

I wouldn't even give a crap if all Team ICO showed was a 30 second CGI teaser. I just want a glimpse of what they are working on!!!

TOO PAWNED3701d ago


If you are such a big Team ICo fun then you should know that they dont use CGI in their games, at least not in ICO and SOTC. CGI is over used word by xbox fanboys, not saying that you are one(obviously not) but i just hate that word, name or what ever. CGI....ughh

LarVanian3701d ago

Yeah but TOO PAWNED I was just trying to show an example of just how desperate I am to see Team ICO's next project.

But do you want to know the funny thing about CGI trailers? Sony actually have a right to use them because their games always come close to the actual target render lol. For example: Killzone 2 and God of War 3 (People have said that gameplay looks like the Beowulf movie)


The term Computer Generated Image don't mean much, since it don't disclose where this is real-time in engine or pre-rendered reading, both are generated in a computer.

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peedie163701d ago

if you guys have not seen the screen shot of the action RPG Demon's Souls you should go over to and check it out its supposed to be one of the unannounced games thats gonna be at TGS

TOO PAWNED3701d ago

Yes it looks cool. If game was only by "From Software" developer i would be little sceptic, but since SCEJ was also involved in support and tech, no wonder it looks so good(at least on those screens) so i am very excited to see what it is. It seems to be RPG more for us weterners, at least i didnt notice any blond spiky hair boy.

KingDizzi3701d ago

Why is WKC not on that list? Is that an unannounced game at TGS?


LarVanian3701d ago

WKC will be there. Don't worry.

Rick Astley3701d ago

Level-5 confirmed WKC for TGS on their official website. >_>

Don't worry about it.

Panthers3701d ago

It better be, if it is coming in Dec to Japan. I WANT THIS GAME NOW!

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )


While the Sony line-up is forged from AAA games,we can expect for the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii to be the dominant consoles this generation.Sony is the king and Nintendo is the queen.

pixelsword3700d ago

That mystery game everyone's talking about has to be Napoleon Dynamite: the game.

It just has to be.

Aclay3700d ago

TGS is October 9th through the 12th.... TGS starts next Thursday and ends next Sunday.