Oculus Announce Rift & Touch Price Drop To $399 For Summer Sale

For a limited time only get the yourself all set up for Oculus Rift gaming.

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Jurat438d ago

Great news for the platform, although it irks me slightly as an early adopter.

I paid £500 for the headet and £190 for the touch controllers last summer.

The fact that they're now on sale at half price within a year shows just how determined Facebook is for Oculus to be the dominant VR platform.

Neonridr438d ago

yep, but sadly these are the prices we pay for early adoption. I paid $1000 all in for my Rift and Touch (in Canada).

But a great deal for those who are looking to jump in as it rivals the price of a PSVR and offers a huge library of games along with great tracking tech.

Apocalypse Shadow438d ago (Edited 438d ago )

I saw this last night and thought that the price drop was crazy but great for jumping in. For all you get, that's a good deal.

Or, either there's trouble behind the scenes( poor sales against vive, zenimax lawsuit), there's a new headset(maybe wireless) announced later this year(oculus connect in October) or they are being nice and really trying to boost sales with a sale. Maybe all of the above.

But still a great price either way.

Neonridr438d ago

@Apocalypse - I think Oculus has held their own fairly well. Many people opted to go with them since they were the first real people on the VR scene. I am super happy with my Rift and now that the touch controllers are readily available, I still think it's a better experience to the Vive, even though the Vive does offer some better tracking over larger distances (Majority of people don't really have the full space that would benefit the Vive).

It could be all of what you are saying, but I really think Oculus is just trying to get more people on board since price was always a huge factor (aside from the gaming PC required).

freshslicepizza438d ago

Well I was going to wait for a Vive price drop but this is too good to pass up. Ordered! Best Buy has it with Eve included.

ocelot07438d ago

I hope the price of the Vive drops soon. I plan on buying one early next year.

438d ago