TeamXBox: Midnight Club: Los Angeles MP Hands-On

TeamXbox writes: "We've brought you a sneak peak of Midnight Club: Los Angeles before but now we can finally reveal our experiences with the game's robust multiplayer mode. Having played it a couple times already, it can be said with some confidence that it's one of the more impressive multiplayer modes we've seen in an arcade racer yet. Featuring a ton of different modes in addition to straight up racing, MC:LA also supports up to sixteen players over Xbox Live. That's the kind of thing that really gets our engine revving.

MC:LA, much like the previous games in the series, is an arcade racer much like EA's highly successful Need for Speed series. It forgoes the hardcore simulation aspects of a game like Forza or even the slightly less realistic Project Gotham Racing, but it's still more firmly rooted in reality than, say Burnout. What it does share with that last game though is an immense sense of speed."

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