OPM UK Rumours: Crysis PS3 in 2009?

PSBeyond writes: This month's Official PlayStation Magazine UK has been released, and with it a new batch of rumours have surfaced. The most important piece of news is the fact that OPM states that Crysis will be available on PS3 in 2009, with a heep of extras. Among others is Dead Rising to be split into episodic content as well as Firmare 2.5 to indeed have a screen grabbing feature.

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Sillyace923730d ago

I always wanted to try out Crysis, but now that it "might" come to the ps3 I'll finally have a chance to try it out, maybe.

Rick Astley3730d ago

These "Crysis PS3" rumors have been floating around the web for months now, just like the BioShock rumors. I don't have a single doubt in my mind that Crytek is has been working on a PS3 version of the game.

Mozilla893730d ago

It would be pretty cool, maybe it would include Warhead too. Its not a bad game so I'm all for it. Then I can make fun of my friend who built an expensive computer to play it. lol

ChaosKnight3730d ago

I like this one: "Pandemic's rumoured sandbox-style Batman game has been cancelled due to reasons of rubbishness." A rumor that a rumored game has been cancelled =P

THC CELL3730d ago

crisis on ps3 thats a 1 up
i hope we get exclusive contents

testerg353730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Sorry, but why would they report Crysis on the 360 on a playstation site? And you're excited about this game? Oh wait... you like playing games that are a year old. I forgot you're use to that stuff.

Edit.. I'm saying why would the playstation site report 360 news? You don't know if Crysis is coming to the 360.

Haha.. I didn't change any of the original wording.. I just had to restate it for an idiot like you. I'll try to type a little slower for you next time. Oh.. look outside your window. I think the short bus is ready to pick you up.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Your telling me that the 360 cannot run a year old game from the PC and the PS3 can?


edit:Excuse me I think you were in the process of getting owned.Don't change the subject bot

INehalemEXI3730d ago

I play Crysis on PC , Im more excited about firmware 2.5 having Screen capture feature that would be great.

Gaara_7243730d ago

i like crysis and all but OMG THE CONTROLES are just to hard the bit im on u have to run thro a grenade and change suit at the same time wtf like thats possible lol

zo6_lover273730d ago

They could just have keyboard and mouse support

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The story is too old to be commented.