Top 10 Final Bosses

The final boss of the video game medium defined all of our hopes and fears. They defined the last obstacle before we attained out ultimate goals. They defined what would be in store for us at the end of our long adventure. They sometimes even haunted us in our dreams (like when I was dreaming of running away from Bowser as he was spitting fireballs at me. It actually turned out to be my dog breathing in my face). In this list, we will go through the most memorable final bosses of the video game medium in hopes of rekindling some of these haunting phenomena. We just hope they don't haunt us now like they did when we were 12 years old, but we're honest enough to know they probably will, since we haven't grown up.

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RKRigney3434d ago

I give props to this list, but Dr. Robotnik? REALLY?

Stoneroses63003434d ago

Robotnic was a joke I think...You know these people

OldWizard3434d ago

dr. robotnik didnt make it. i think it was a joke.

pansenbaer3434d ago

Yeah Robotnik was a joke of a boss

sumfood4u3434d ago

Zelda's~Gannon should be 3rd Metroid~MotherBrain should be 2nd Mike~Tyson should be 1st! i only beating him an a straight runthu w/o no codes an passwords 3 times in my life an i'm BaddA$$ at games.

SaiyanFury3433d ago

Hahaha Kefka in Final Fantasy VI. In my last game I beat him in 2 rounds because I'd spent the time levelling my characters. He's not hard at all if you do the work.

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Stoneroses63003434d ago

Ahh..good old kefka...You should of put up the picture of the non-human form of him

Son of Odin3434d ago

i think some people will be mad sephiroth isnt on the list.

Palodios3434d ago

Yep. I'm one of them. But then again, the list didn't include any games from the last, what, fifteen years?

ape0073434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

one of the best boss fights ever was(I don't think anyone here in n4g will know it)

was the final boss in body harvest on n64,it was pure epicness,nothing gets better than killing a GAINT ALIEN with a BIG,BIG hover

come on rockstar bring back body harvest,I'll never forget seberia level,greec or java,my god it's one of the best games ever released

and also the final boss in donkey kong country 2,knig k rool with a gun that fires strange things everytime and your big brother donky kong was held,I mean it was a moment for the ages

good times...good times

Son of Odin3434d ago

yeah DK country 2 was a phenomenal game!

VigorousApathy3434d ago

Finally some people who remember Donkey Kong Country 2. It would definitely make my list of Top Ten favorite video games as well as having a top ten boss.

RKRigney3434d ago

I don't even know what Bowser is supposed to be. You can't tell me that's a turtle. That's what made him great. He's a flaming platypus.

MountainMaverick3434d ago

Great article. Icon of Evil. Brings back memories.
Funny stuff with Robotnic. He does look like a dominating boss though.

iceman28853434d ago


Some of you know what I'm talking about...