Fan Fears New Super Meat Boy Has Subpar Controls; Team Meat Replies with Series of Hilarious Tweets

Team Meat sure knows how to reply to their fans.

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Player124198d ago

LOL! The Pokemon one was the best tbh haha. Seriously though, I trust Team Meat knows what they are doing with Super Meat Boy Forever.

Mostafeto198d ago

They do, it will probably be quite successful.

WilliamSheridan198d ago

I'm not a fan of the game but that was hilarious. Might have to check it out. Feels like a PR set up though...

Mostafeto197d ago

I doubt it really. Some company's twitter account are run by social media managers that actually know how to do their job AND have a sense of humor :D

Nu198d ago

I checked it out because of your comment.It was funny shit.

ziggurcat198d ago

He, apparently, is not a fan of watch_dogs.

197d ago
Mostafeto197d ago

Off-topic though, I never understood the hate for Watch Dogs. I loved every bit of it, even the parts that never made sense in a million years and all its bugs and glitches. I just have a soft spot for glitchy games I guess haha

BadElf198d ago

Great game.
You gotta respect Team Meat. Great tweeting going on over there as well it seems. They just dont care. Its good.

mad-dog197d ago

Dude.. WatchDogs 2 was awesome.

DFresh197d ago

That's pretty unprofessional for their PR Team to be disrespecting the fans when that fan was trying to get some reassurance that the new game was going to meet expectations.

deafdani197d ago

I don't see it as a disrespect at all for the fans.


a Super Meat Boy fan.

Mostafeto197d ago

If he wants reassurance from a developer he buys his games from and wants to support then maybe he should rethink his loyalty to that studio. When you love a studios' games, you believe they will deliver the best experience no matter the circumstances.

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