Kotaku: Pure Review: Pure Fun

When you think Disney you don't typically think off-road racing. Which is probably why Disney Interactive bought up Black Rock Studios, a developer known for their off-road racing titles, including their work on the ATV Offroad Fury and MotoGP franchises. This time around the studio created Pure, a brand new franchise for Disney that focuses more on the exhilaration of speed and tricks than on the nitty-gritty of realism and detail.

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Cenobia3728d ago

I think this game came out at a bad time. Although it isn't really my genre (I prefer sims) I think most PS3 owners are going to grab Motorstorm PR instead. It seems like it will be the better game.

Of course, I'm also not that into ATV's, so its obviously not a game I'd be into.

All of this and the stellar lineup of other games coming in the next few months makes me think this game will probably undersell.

Karum3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

I played the Demo and thought it was a lot of fun tbh but like you said the timing of this one isn't great. I do plan on getting Motorstorm instead and already have wipeout HD to tide me over until then.

The full release is probably really really fun but like you said, it'll undersell due to timing of the release.

redsnake3728d ago

to me this game looks pretty good but motorstorm 2 looks far superior