Game Focus: Pure Review

Game Focus writes: "PURE is one of those racing titles that do everything right and nothing wrong. Black Rock Studios, the games developer take little chances with innovation, but keeps the actual gameplay simple, sweet and very effective. Instead of worrying about innovating something that has been done many times before, they make the actual gameplay nearly perfect, the graphics really amazing and some great audio to top off the experience."


+ Awesome graphics and level design
+ Great sound track, sound design, environmental effects
+ Wicked racing which is always fun even if you raced on the same track 10 times in a row
+ Making your own ATV rocks and the small changes are noticeable
+ Multiplayer is pretty damn good
+ Tons of things to unlock
+ Male and Female drivers and you can change their clothes and helmets


- Some times the games difficulty is rather hard
- I would have liked to build my own driver

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