Injustice 2 - Should Difficulty Be Scaled Down After Losing to AI?

Is the AI in Injustice 2 too difficult, or would scaling down ultimately hinder player's abilities in the future?

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284d ago
Tetsujin284d ago

Depends. If it does what's called "input read" then yes I agree it should be reduced to learn the game first before jumping into the hardest difficulty for bragging rights and/or achievements/trophies. If it's difficult without the input read then no, keep it as-it and the player(s) will have to learn how to play.

Downside is there's a line between learning the game and just beating a match.

SarcasticDuck284d ago

Maybe the campaign should have objectives to accomplish in each fight (finish the enemy with Super, make 10-hit combo, etc). That way, new players would have to learn to play without constantly having their @ss kicked by the AI.

brokasfawk284d ago

You can do that in multiverse

TheOttomatic91284d ago

No at least not in my opinion.

Ashunderfire86284d ago

Yup especially after facing Supergirl doing those stupid zoning attacks and that stupid flying punch side to side hard to block.

BQ32284d ago

I actually think the AI has been toned down considerably from past games such as MKX. I have no problem beating the AI on the hardest difficulty setting the majority of the time. But it may be that My skills developed from MKX have translated to injustice and I have become a good player much more quickly. Be interested to know how other veterans of both games feel about the AI difficulty. There is definitely a lot of input reads rather then human reaction times that allow the computer to do things you will never see a live player do. On the flip side though, the AI reacts to certain movesets in very predictive patterns and can become easy to read and defeat.

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