Is Elite Dangerous on PlayStation the definitive console version?

Frontier Developments' celebrated Elite Dangerous arrived on PlayStation 4 recently, joining the already established PC and Xbox One versions. There's a reason we've held off coverage until now: the PS4 build launched with v-sync disabled, resulting in a sub-optimal presentation. Frontier asked us to wait for a hotfix to roll out, which duly arrived on Monday. The outlook improves with the new update in place but it's still not quite right.

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Dlacy13g320d ago

Pretty sure Xbox one x version will take that crown.

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Fist4achin319d ago

Well, it is elite and dangerous, so...

Jaypi03319d ago

Honestly, gotta wait and see, maybe it can take advantage of the PSVR if it supports it, otherwise maybe the Pro will help, but with the XB1X coming down the pipeline we'll have to see if they decide to optimize that version.

Fishy Fingers319d ago

Not looking good for PSVR. Dev has been pretty clear it will only happen if they can achieve their intended quality which I'm sure the Pro might be able to do but supporting the Pro means forced support for the OG which is certainly going to be a struggle at best.

Everyone might miss out thanks to the silly parity.

Spenok318d ago

Luckily they haven't ruled it out just yet.

sizeofyou319d ago

I think the definitive console versions will be on XBX9 and PS13 then...

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The story is too old to be commented.