Final Prophet: first screens show huge similarities with original Zelda for NES

Here is the first screenshots of Final Prophet, a new IP developed by Bipolar Games heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda masterpiece for NES. According to the first information offered by Bipolar Games indipendent studios, Final Prophet will be a 2d top down action adventure with 8-bit graphics and animations that point to the glorious generation of 80′s consoles.

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NeptuneGames441d ago

A jump into the past... I want 100 more games like this XD !!!

Rebel_Scum441d ago

Games like these are cool, but if its going to be similar to one of those older games it really needs to have some "modern" mechanics. Like Shovel Knight did with the special moves you could do for example. I hope they deliver. Shame there's no gameplay shown in the vid.