Ubisoft Wants To Try and Break Some Molds with Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is a game where the folks at Ubisoft Montreal want to try and break some molds, according to Director Dan Hay, testing themselves.

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Cybermario406d ago

we will see, hope they deliver

406d ago
joedahoe406d ago

Finally chuck some ragdolls in then!!

Those corny scripted death animations that they've been using since 3 look awful.

Profchaos406d ago

Skipped primal because it felt like it should of been dlc hoping this is related to 3 and 4 in name only

D3TH_D33LR406d ago

Dlc for what game though? I just thought it should've been a $30-40 game similar to high priced indies.

Profchaos405d ago

Dlc for far cry 4 in the same vein as blood dragon was for far cry 3

It used the same map just flipped

generic-user-name406d ago

I haven't seen anything that breaks the mold, in this game yet. So far it looks like a far cry 3 reskin that copied the buddy system from mgsv.

pinkcrocodile75406d ago

You can't have read the article then.

D3TH_D33LR406d ago

It's mostly in how the game plays it seems. Everything feels more natural, you need to talk to people on bars to get info on a new job or special points of interest. I agree on the spotting and sneaking around part of the game though. That doesn't seem unchanged. Wish they would too because i find it way too easy to get around the ai even on hardest difficulties.

D3TH_D33LR406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

I just hope the game's as immersive as the devs keep saying it is. The past few games end up being just a bunch of flashing HUD beacons on my map or screen. I want the game story to be as organic as they describe it to be. That would really complete the experience imo. Give it some metro 2033/last light gameplay like features for treating wounds, starting vehicles or unjamming weapons to push that immersion further. I find the far crys of late have suffered from the typical Ubisoft open world of cluttering the game world with collectibles, points of interests, etc. While I want a big game world with lots to do, I'd rather it all flow seemlessly than look like and play like something that'd give a guy with OCD a heart attack and feeling like they need to do everything in a certain area before moving on.

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