What are 4K Assets and Why Do We Need Them?

So, Microsoft is talking about 4K assets - but what do they actually mean? What are they? How do they make gaming visuals look better? Do you need them? John explains all!

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SirJoJo520d ago

Like I have been saying for quite some time now, its 4K assets along with the higher effects settings and a higher resolution that will make the 1X versions of games be easily distinguishable from every other console version of games, especially on a 4K screen.

JaguarEvolved520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

What are exclusive video game titles and why gamers need them?

I remember the first 3 years of the Xbox 360 and how amazing it was having an affordable console and amazing exclusive titles. The Xbox was selling well even though the ps3 was more powerful. The Xbox 360 started a new generation before PlayStation 3 which helped a lot with sales and that's what the xbox one x should have tried to replicate. The Xbox one x should have been released in 2018 with a lot more power and exclusive games to sell the console as much as possible before the ps5.

4k assets and such isn't needed now when people barely have 4k tv's. 4k is amazing but not a lot of people have the tech in order for the xbox one x to sell loads. Ps4 will easily continue to sell a lot more consoles than xbox

SirJoJo520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

What on earth has any of what you typed got to do with DF's video/article?
And since you decided to go there, where has this rediculous notion come from that the only games that matter are exclusives?🤔 One of my favourite games is HALO but there are many more games i like just as much as Halo that aren't exclusive to MS platforms and some that are exclusive to other platforms. A good game is a good game simple, now with 1X I can look forward to playing these games at their best for a console... id have to spend minimum $700 on a PC just to match the 1X or spend $800 - $1000 if i want to wipe the floor with it. I say $499 for a console capable of what DF and many other tech sites and devs have confirmed is a bargain.

JaguarEvolved520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

Xbox mantra now is to play games at 4k resolution and all of them I can play on pc with way better performance. You can pretend you're not a fanboy and that Xbox one x will play games with better resolution for consoles so you're willing to spend more money for Xbox one x because you prefer consoles. A lot of people already have pc's and fanboys are saying they are willing to buy a Xbox one x instead of just buying a video card that runs circle around the xbox one x. I was a Xbox fanboy as well who believed the cloud illusion and all sorts until I got wiser. I want to play Xbox games that separated themselves from the others elsewhere. I like higher performance games as well but to have xbox games available on pc just makes my Xbox one useless.

Look at all the high quality exclusive games coming out and are on the horizon for ps4. Xbox fans will continue to lose out on third party deals and third party exclusives because ps4 has sold more than twice that of the Xbox one. Silly fanboys for Xbox are of the mindset that all is well as long as they can say they have a higher performing console over the ps4 and don't care about exclusive titles. Horizon zero dawn is performing well and selling a lot more ps4 because its an exclusive title. Having exclusive titles on a console matters a lot which leads to more sales which potential leads to a lot of perks

SirJoJo520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

Well good for you if you'r rocking a gaming PC capable of that. That takes nothing away from the folks that rather spend $499 on a pretty capable console instead of $800 on a PC that will out pace it, that would be the price for a sizable and noticable performance boost over the 1X.. so it stands to reason that it should have better performance. Now for "way better performance" over the 1X, your talking about prices in the range of $900 - $1500. Im happy with the what im getteing for $499, you cant just throw a $400-$700 GPU into any old PC, not every PC is a gaming rig. And please stop with the fanboy BS, It you that came in spouting fanboy stuff.

JasonKCK520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

JaguarEvolved "What are exclusive video game titles and why gamers need them?"

Then why are the top sold games on every platform except Nintendo multiplatform? Your fake question assumes gamers need all exclusives.

Why are you talking and praising PC now? I mean one look at your history proves you favour PS over everything.

JaguarEvolved520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

You fanboys are silly and it's futile to reason with people making decisions without any rationale. If i say ps4 is selling more than twice the xbox one its the truth. If i say the ps4 has way more exclusives than the Xbox one its the truth as well. I know some of you xbox fanboys can't stand to hear the truth so you'll make up alternative truths to match your silly dreams. You lot don't want to play games and like to slag off exclusive titles and try to back up your weak argument by saying third party games are better or that they sell more. Take a game like anthem, a lot of fanboys are talking about how amazing that game will be on the xbox one x but it'll be a lot better performance-wise on pc. It may perform marginally better on xbox one x over ps4 but it'll be a lot better on pc.

I haven't a ps4 but will get a ps4 pro for gran turismo, God of war, Spider-Man, days gone, Detroit, and some other games that look amazing where the best place to play them is on playstation 4. Also those games aren't available anywhere else and they look flipping amazing so I have to get a ps4. I already have a Xbox one so I don't want to waste money to get a Xbox one x to still have a lot of compromises when I can just buy a video card cheaper than the xbox one to run games at with way better performance. You fanboys just want a resolution box that'll use a lot of the techniques ps4 pro is using to achieve 4k with compromises. Why would I buy a Xbox one x instead of a ps4 when ps4 has a lot more games that I can't play anywhere else just so I can play marginally better on xbox one x at an expensive price. I already have an Xbox one already and I play a lot of Xbox games on my pc.

Kiwi66520d ago

Then whats the point of the ps4 pro then if there is barely anyone who owns a 4k tv as that does 4k also

BeOpenMinded520d ago

Blast back to 2014 and it wasn't exclusives selling PS. The order? Driveclub? No man's sky? It was ALL power talk. Now shoe is on other foot and now goalposts are moved. Stop with the rant. I recently bought a base PS but don't act like it was always the case. Xbox had the games early in gen, halo, ark, elite, ssod, ori etc...currently other games as well (Conan, astroneer, skylines) fanboys are easy to spot with speak like that.

ludicrous520d ago (Edited 520d ago )


exclusive is what killing software. Ask any developers if any of them want to keep their software lock to one device only, if they have a choice. Exclusive only serve to benefit the hardware, not software. Why would you think being exclusive to a single console (limiting consumers from accessing them) is in anyway or form beneficial for the software and their developers?

Beside developer perspective, you, from a consumer standpoint (not a fan, not a stock holder, etc...), why you want your contents to be locked behind a single medium? If you throw away the idea of exclusive, simply as a consumer or gamer, what do you actually see? All you will see are games (it doesn't matter what it is on, PC, consoles, mobile, etc... and doesn't matter if others can play those games on a medium of their choices either). On the other hand, if you only looking at it as a fan of certain corporation/hardware and only exclusives matter, then you already limiting yourself because if it isn't exclusive, it isn't consider game. See how many so call gamers on n4g disregard any games that do not have exclusive tag in front of it? They really think they are in the higher class, "true gamers" by being loyal to a piece of plastic, but in reality, they are only limiting themselves. Little do they know that they played right into corporates hand.

There is also another advantage in making games multiplatform, it forces hardware manufacturing to focus on the quality of the hardware (features, quality, reliability, etc...) instead of relying on buying time exclusives, or exclusives, or even promotional exclusives to make their hardware more attractive (which sadly won't happen given the nature of business).

With that said, there are issues regarding developing for multiple platforms, particularly optimization and efficiency (closer to the metal), but that is what the tech industries have been trying to improve. Look at vulkan, UWP (dx12), and even Sony (mimicking PC and using open GL). The boom in mobile devices did drive this motive and given content developers much more flexibility. No wonder many developers are moving toward it and even console manufacturer are mimicking it model.

Exclusive is not needed and even contraindicated for gamers (like you, me, content developers, and consumers alike). It only benefits corporates, at your expense, and only limiting you from accessing contents. Hopefully you can see that someday.

And yes, 4k isn't a need either. The idea of open platform and allowing more flexibility/accessibility for the content users are what make xbox more appealing, in my opinion. Now if they really locked them up like Tim Sweeney said, then hell, I won't support that either.

BigWan78520d ago


People barely had high speed internet when microsoft took a chance on high speed only on OG Xbox.. same wit internal hdd on a console...

Im happy microsoft is actually being a tech company and forcing the [console] industry to push forward.

Happy they pushed:
High speed internet (no on really had this either)
Hdd in a console
Online/digital storefronts
Cloud saves

Good on microsoft to push forward on things that are considered niche and downright risky

conanlifts519d ago

You are a bit off topic here. But just to respond.
The PS3 had a more powerful CPU, but xbox had a more powerful GPU and esram. The power gap wasn't really that straight forward. In addition the PS3 was hard to program for. Personally though I gamed almost exclusively on the PS3 last gen.
Regarding exclusives the xbox one does have exclusives and the X is part of xbox one family. Of course you could discount them as being on pc, but just for reference 80% of the ps4 exclusive game are also available on pc. In addition PSnow has also started added some of sony's true exclusives to its catalogue, so the number will start decreasing as they add more.

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MagicBeanz519d ago

What about all the games we've already heard about that use the same assets on PS4 Pro as they do on xbone x, and run at the same resolution on both console, how will we distinguish then?

81BX519d ago

They will be the better looking ones. You know that. It's like you're trying not to accept the truth.

Kiwi66519d ago (Edited 519d ago )

Easy one game case will be blue the other green thats how you can distinguish them 😆 jk

conanlifts519d ago

If they have qte's then one game will use shapes, the other letters of the alphabet.

OmnislashVer36520d ago

Dis why we need PS5 in 2019. I'm ready to see 4k maxed the heck out with 16GB of RAM.

WilliamSheridan520d ago

I'd be surprised if they kill off PS4 that early.

520d ago
WilliamSheridan519d ago

If that's the case, it would be basically a miss gen upgrade held back by the constraints of previous system. So technically Xbox One X just later in the game...

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DARK_WOLF520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

Ps4 came out 2014 (end of 2013) and ps4 pro literally came out less than a year ago.

And some people think ps5 will actually be here 2019 only 5 years after the base ps4 releases?

I cant help but laugh 😂

Why cant people be happy with the pro? Its doing 1440p easy and thats a VERY GOOD resolution to play games at.

Ps4 got heaps of life left in it.

vega275520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

"Why cant people be happy with the pro? Its doing 1440p easy and thats a VERY GOOD resolution to play games at"

Because it's not the most powerful console anymore compared to the X1X come november and the thought of xbox fanboys giving them back what they've been dishing out over the last three years bother them.

So they think sony will pump out a new console in 2019. Like sony has money to burn like that to keep making hardware. I mean ps4pro was just released last year along with psvr costing them millions if not more to make and advertise. I'm pretty sure just with psvr alone hasn't made back the money invested yet.

But yeah ps5 in 2019 would make logical sense from a financial standpoint. /s

Liqu1d520d ago

"2019 only 5 years after the base PS4 releases"

2019 - 2013 = 6

Aenea520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

It will release at end of 2019, so six years after the PS4, the Pro, a midgen upgrade, released at end of 2016, add another 3, whaddayaknow, 2019...

OmnislashVer36520d ago

Dude you obviously can't math. 2019-2013 is 6 years. Every PS console has come out in the later half of the year as well. Most gens are 5 years.

Plus most people don't even know of PS4-Pro's existence and yet the system is selling well, think of all the people that would be willing to update to PS5 knowing of an actual update.

And how does PS4 have "heaps of life" left in it? Most of it's games are early 2018 games. The rest are likely early 2019. They're not going to spend another 3-5 year game development cycle on PS4 after that, that would mean PS5 would come out in 2021-2023 which is batshit crazy. MS would easily start a new gen in 2019-2020 and get a HUGE jump on nex-gen just like 360.

The only thing that will hold back PS5 from a 2019-2020 release is if AMD has some serious delays with the 7nm node.

Sony having "money to burn making new hardware?" Are you retarded? They make money off of consoles sold, not lose money.

And as said earlier, PS4-Pro is selling well and the majority of gamers don't even know of it's existence- how many more will be willing to update actually knowing there's a refresh.

2019 makes a TON of financial sense.

nowitzki2004520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

Most console life cycles are right at about 5 or 6 years. And PS4 Pro is just a PS4 i can see them releasing a slim PS4 pro before late 2018 and then 2019 for PS5 would be perfect. As someone who games on PC and PS4Pro i could tell you the ps4 pro could use upgrading today. But they have to maintain that price range so they cant release something as powerful as PS5 will be today within that price range.

vega275520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

@ Omnislashver

First off- both sony and MS don't make money off the hardware when it launches. Becuase of what's in the hardware. You guys are expected the ps5 to be a "beast" just to out proform the X1X. which would drive up the cost, but at the sametime have to keep the price reasonable for consumer to buy. "Taking a lose".

Second- sony just launched the ps4 pro and psvr and ps4 slim in the same year. Both of which are not making sony back money as of yet. Yes sony is making money on consoles sold. But its the vanilla PS4 and maybe the slim ps4. Sony loves to toute their console sold number. But when asked about the ps4 pro. They did give them and the psvr only sold a little over a million if that. Do you they it's made back the money sony invested in creating and advertising it? Real talk

Third- even if the ps5 does launch in 2019. Do you think sony would have recouped the money spended on psvr, ps4 pro and the ps4 slim. Just to launch the ps5 in alittle over 2 years later?

If anything sony may announce the ps5 in 2019. But you wouldn't see the console until 2020 or later. Same with MS. Sony is just starting to become profitable. Still no where near what they used to be.

81BX520d ago

Exactly. The ps4 still has a huge following no need to cut that short because its the weaker console.

OmnislashVer36519d ago


You have no evidence they're taking a loss with PS4-Pro. I saw LAUNCH deals with two free games which means they're definitely making a profit.

And it's not "a little over 2 years". 2019 will be exactly 3 years from PS4-Pro.

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81BX520d ago

No need for a ps5 yet. Why kill off ps4 when it's very capable?

OmnislashVer36519d ago (Edited 519d ago )

How is it killing it off when it'll have been 6 years old? Furthermore why would they keep it around if all of their major game releases are in 2018 and likely early 2019? It would be retarded to start another 3-5 year development cycle in 2018-2019 for PS4 games. That would mean PS5 wouldn't arrive until 2022-2024 which would be insane.

Most gens are 5 years long and you're basically asking for a 9-11 year gen which is retarded.

81BX519d ago

They could easily stretch the gen out. The pro/ps4 has great games. They really don't need new hardware. Also your over use of the word "retarded", because you disagree is.... Well, you know.

OmnislashVer36519d ago

9-11 years is retarded if you consider any analysis in trends in previous generations, demand for a new console, and processor enhancements.

fatbastard11519d ago

RAM has nothing to do with 4k gaming performance. VRAM on the other hand is huge for it.

OmnislashVer36519d ago

RAM has something to do with 4K texture quality, which is what the article is about. Keep up.

conanlifts519d ago (Edited 519d ago )

I agree with infected "PS5 will likely have 10TF, 16GB RAM, new CPU architecture, "

But this is also why i think ps5 will be 2020. 2019 would mean the ps5 would end up being priced at $549-$599. Of course they could still do that to ensure ps4 keeps selling. But i am still going with 2020. By 2020 12 Tflops might also be possible.

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pingthing520d ago

So if you buy an Xbox one X you will download the assets regardless of your displays resolution right?, It would be handy to know a ballpark figure on the typical extra file size of these downloads compared to the regular Xbox one versions. I have a feeling that my current juggling on my 2gb external is going to be a bit of a squeeze, and would be nice to be prepared for this issue before a launch day download frenzy.

SirJoJo520d ago

how the heck are you using a 2gb external?
As for the space required for the extra assets, that would be on a game by game basses. However, if want an idea just google, PC games already do this.

pingthing520d ago


xsta1ker520d ago

you do know the longer you wait the cheaper the cost so wait the 5 months for x1x and the better and bigger
external hard drives today will be a lot less 5 months from now so just do some window shopping pick
something you like and wait for the price drop.

B1uBurneR520d ago

This means what. My 4K is bigger than your 4K?

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