ConsoleMonster: Dead Space Q&A

Console Monster writes: "EA's Sci-Fi horror title, Dead Space, is nearly upon us, so much so we can already feeling our stomach churning at the scary antics we'll be experiencing with the game. To help give us some moral support in readyness for EA's literally shocking title, we cornered Rich Briggs, Producer of the game for our exclusive Monster Q&A with the fella...

For the average gamer, roughly how long does Story take to complete?
The game has 12 chapters, and each chapter takes anywhere from an hour to 1.5 hours to finish. That puts Dead Space at about 15 to 18 hours of gameplay on the first run through for most players...

How about Trophy support on the PlayStation 3?
There most certainly will be. However, as with the achievements you're not getting detailed info out of me just yet!..."

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