Nintendo Has 'No Plans For A Future Zelda', According To Producer

It wouldn't be a surprise to see the next Zelda launch on a new Nintendo system. That's how rare new games are, but the scarcity surely makes them all the more special.

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RpgSama322d ago

"Zelda director is gathering ideas for future Zelda game"

So, which one is it? No plans or plans?

322d ago
Erik7357322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Don't expect sequels left and right

It'll be awhile for the next Zelda just like it will be awhile for the next Grand Theft Auto game

These things take time

addictedtochaos322d ago

There is no way the Switch doesn't get at least one more Zelda game.

Lord_Sloth321d ago

The Wii U didn't get a Zelda game. It had to share with the Switch. The Wii had to share with the Gamecube. The Switch will probably have to share with the next console.

addictedtochaos321d ago

The Wii did get its own Zelda game though, Skyward Sword.

Sono421321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

Gamecube got Windwaker and Twilight Princess, considering that the Switch launched with a Zelda it could EASILY get another one. Similar to how the Wii "launched" with a "new" Zelda (Twilight Princess) then got skyward sword later

Fritz-o-Toole321d ago

Oh, it will get a lot of zelda games. Zelda games that are previously released and overpriced for you to play them again.

realplu322d ago

There will be more Zelda games and more Mario games in the future. You heard it here first.

Istolla322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Like ARMS, Splatoon, Xenoblade?

zivtheawesome322d ago

Yes but from the zelda devs and mario devs after they finish with that as well.

Kallisti321d ago

The Xeno series has been around since 1998, the first Xenoblade entry was in 2010.

Segata321d ago


Xenogears and Xenosaga are not the same IP. Those are separate IP's owned by Square Enix & Namco. Xenoblade is owned by Nintendo. The only reason Xeno is in the name it's just Tak's way of saying he made this game.

Kallisti321d ago

True but Xenoblade still isn't a new IP

Segata321d ago


Yes it is. No way in hell it's not. rain on PS3 isn't the same IP as Heavy Rain just because they have a similar title. Monster Boy is a new IP even tho it's similar to Wonder Boy and the creator working on it. Xenoblade is a new IP. It's original name was Monando Begining of the world. It was just given Xeno to make it recognizable as a Monolith game.But it's about as related as The Last Story is to Final Fantasy. Xenoblade down to the very definition was a new IP on Wii and you're an idiot if you think it's not.

Kallisti321d ago

First Xenoblade was in 2010, it's not a new IP for the Switch, end of story

Segata321d ago


No one said it was for Switch. You're an idiot who was proven wrong now you're trying to change your argument from 1998 to 2010. Xenoblade was a new IP in 2010. Moron.

Kallisti320d ago

Isotella said Xenoblade was a new IP for the Switch, idiot and I already said Xenoblade has been around since 2010 in my first comment, dumbass. Hell, even Splatoon which Isotella mentioned is a last gen IP too.

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big_dom_strikes_back322d ago

I'd take a mix up of Hyrul set in the same world, and build off the same framework as BoTW. Only difference would be that it would have numerous traditional dungeons, large and small, scattered throughout, with some even tucked away deep into the forests and mountains, and even the lakes of this Hyrule. Do a similar thing to what Majora's Mask did with Ocarina of Time. The only thing Nintendo would need to do, which is the hard part, really, is come up with a gameplay device to hinge it all on. Link to the Past had the Dark World, Ocarina had the Time travel and the Ocarina of course, and MM had the mask transformation and the resetting of the day etc etc. I just want more of what BoTW offered.

jagermaster619322d ago

Sounds cool, I think it would be interesting if they made a game where you are in Hyrule open world like breath of the wild where you create your own character. You build that character how you want but also you team up with link (npc) for certain missions. I mean it wouldn't be traditional but it could be interesting. They could call it "Hyrule Adventures". I know that would never happen but thought it might be fun creating your own personal character in the Zelda universe.

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