Here’s a Weird and Unlikely Theory on Why Konami is Acting Stupid

PurePlayStation: Kyle has been spending a lot of time talking to strangers on weird subreddits, forums, and bus stops, and what he’s learned is that some of those people will believe anything. Here’s what Kyle makes of one of the bonkers theories behind Konami’s and Kojima’s breakup. Tin foil hats at the ready…

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Littil_Devil371d ago

They are a dying breed. So I bet that they will end up having to sell off their IP's in the future.

Summons75371d ago

Let's hope. Silent Hill, Castlevania, and MGS all need to be taken away from Konami.

UltraNova370d ago

They'd rather let them burn to hell than selling them to others, yes they are that stupid.

XStation4pio_Pro370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

They make more than video games just so you know. rumor has it they don't even want to support console gaming anymore. Part of the reason they don't really care is that they make more money from things like gambling machines etc. not defending them, just letting you know that as a company they are doing fine.

Relientk77371d ago

I think the Phantom Thieves need to change Konami's 💓

ruefrak370d ago

Here's my wild theory. Kojima is a pain in the butt for any studio. His games are always way over-budget and take way too long to make. Then when they sell, people love them but not that many buy them. Yest, Metal Gear 5 was a darling for reviewers and fans, but in the grand scheme of things, it didn't sell all that well. Konami makes more money off crappy mobile games that cost a fraction of the effort to make.

InKnight7s370d ago

What? 6 millions shipped copies for not hyped casual games as Mario, GTA, FIFA or COD. 6 millions for not general taste game is so amazing.

franwex370d ago

I think you're into something there.

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