TGR Review: WipEout HD

TGR - "It may have taken some time and patience from PlayStation 3 owners, but the PlayStation Network has grown into a well-stocked showroom of quality downloadable games. Since it has no upper limit on download sizes, games that warrant brick-and-mortar disc releases like Warhawk and, soon enough, Burnout Paradise have shown up on harddrives the world over. WipEout HD falls into the same category, and it's not for quantity of content."

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A HiFi3698d ago

Even when we are all dead and buried, Wipeout will still be around...

S1nnerman3698d ago

That's not such a bad thing. Although, if we're all dead and buried, there won't be anyone to play it!

I havent had any of the online problems the review refers to. I didn't think the online play was quite as bad as they made out - not for me anyway

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3698d ago

Excellent score.I am currently enjoying this Playstation 3 exclusive

PimpHandStrong3698d ago

had to get my friends list under 50 because im not waiting on a patch

i bought it because Costum soundtracks! Hear that Sony


just bought a couple new cd's and i can think of no better way to hear them then to play this game

PimpHandStrong3698d ago

if your under 50ppl then your fine

i was in the 60's and i just got it down to 40

Salta_nelas3698d ago

The best Wipeout since 2097 imo.

How can they say this
"The game truly is a visual wonder, and is one of the best looking games of this console generation."

and then give graphics an 8.5?

Lol...This game has amazing graphics, a solid 9.5 in my book. So slick and smooth.

Relin3698d ago

If a 5 is "average," and 8.5 is top-notch... just not "oh god I crapped my pants" good.