Destiny 2 Is Going To Be More Difficult Than Its Predecessor

Destiny 2 story and difficulty discussed in detail by Bungie devs Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy in a recent interview

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trumpwonstopcrying104d ago

I played destiny today for a bit it booted my at the end of half my strikes and pvp matches...guess I'll get booted more in the new one...thanks bungie!

Aenea104d ago

Perhaps get good internet?

trumpwonstopcrying104d ago

it's not my internet. everything else has worked just fine. streamed netflix in 4k for a few hours with no issues

Krysis104d ago

In three years I've been kicked from the game world a couple of dozen times, which seems like slot but at 800 hours played it's very spaced out. Maybe an off day for the servers?

Aenea104d ago

"it's not my internet"

Still has to be a reason since I've 1000+ hours and the number of times I got booted is really rather low, so yes, it might be your setup...

joab777104d ago

I hope so because D1 is not known for its PvE difficulty. That's for sure. Locked load outs is a start, but something like WoW's mythic raids would be great! As well as leaderboards! C'mon Bungie!

thekhurg104d ago

WoW mythic raids aren't the hard part. It's getting 20+ people to all do what they're supposed to do in a single pull that's the hard part. 10 man raiding for normal/hard feels substantially easier than 20+ raiding on normal/hard even though everything is evenly tuned.

Destiny feels "easier" because you only have 6 people needing to do their job and it's a lot easier to fill that.

joab777103d ago

I was thinking of gradually increasing the light level until new raid releases. Or lock some content behind max light level.

Fritz-o-Toole104d ago

Huh. Nowhere does the article state that Destiny 2 is going to be more difficult than its predecessor, quite the opposite. It only mentions that it could be a steep learning curve for the guys who haven't played Destiny 1. But that's something quite different.