1UP: Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Review

Review by Rory Manion:

"A war story: While waiting around in the Blackbramble Hollow war camp for a player-versus-player scenario (structured instances where teams compete over an objective) to queue up, my party and I received a message: "The lord of Mandred's Hold is under attack!" Typically, this autonotification just means that an ignorant enemy player wandered too close to the keep's A.I. defenders -- a fly in the zapper, to swipe my friend's apt analogy. With nothing urgent to take care of and the keep only a few seconds to the south, my crew and I decided to do a little police action of the area and scrape up any remaining assailants.

Unfortunately for us, the lone fly turned out to be a hornet's nest. A full Destruction war party had organized and decided to wrest the keep (and the valuable trainers and merchants within) from Order's control. We ran back to camp to rally supporters and purchase some equalizers: cannons and oil cauldrons to fend off the surging puddle of red names. For a while, it worked."

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