Gears of War 2 Developer Diary 4: Enter the Horde

Epic gives a closer look at brutal new foes.

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DA_SHREDDER3666d ago

It just reminded me of how boing the first game really was. I really cant even tell the difference between them besides the new enemies. Its like comparing Marvel vs. Capcom to Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Im not being biased, really. I was just playing Brothers in arms on my 360 today. I really wish that Microsoft would put out better games.

Paiton3666d ago

Nothing more to add.

New enemies look lame. Scorge looks like a junk waving his arms.

outlawlife3666d ago

im not sure what your point was about brothers in arms, it isn't a microsoft game and is available on ps3 as well....really don't understand the logic there

DA_SHREDDER3666d ago

They should just stop making Gears and make a new game with Scourge as the main character. He reminds me of predator.

zimbo0073666d ago

my god this WASHED OUT AND WHITE GAME is going up against Resistance

see the absolutely disappointing footage at analoghype

the game looks worse than the first one

Omega43666d ago

Gears 1 looks better than R2

Gears 2 will be the biggest and one of the best exclusive titles of 2008, not to mention it will be the biggest seller of the year

Shooter GOTY 2008 = Gears of War 2
Nomination if not GOTY 2008 = Gears of War 2

R2 is just a standard shooter which just has a multiplayer which is so large it kills all strategic aspects of the FPS genre

outlawlife3666d ago

the weird kicking enemies looks pretty cool actually

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