Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. No. Just... no (Ars Technica Review)

To see that there are some conceptual problems with Sonic Chronicle: The Dark Brotherhood is putting it lightly. Sonic has always been at his best when he runs very quickly in platforming levels, and everything that moves away from the formula ends up taking away from the experience. Fishing levels, silly animal friends, adventure stages... just let the poor guy run fast. That's what he does. Giving BioWare reign over a series that only works well with arcade-y action and asking them to turn into into an RPG may sound like a dream team, but it's nothing but a wasted opportunity.

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PS360WII3646d ago

Hmm well they were rather critical. I guess the DS just has to high of standard for RPGs now. Curse and a blessing. I'm still going to pick this one up though should at least entertain my Sonic fan and rpg fan in me