CONFIRMED: MGS4's Payton Joins Microsoft Halo Crew

Microsoft Game Studios head Phil Spencer told Edge on Wednesday that the firm has added a "group of industry heavy hitters" to its lineup, including former Kojima Productions assistant producer Ryan Payton, confirming recent rumors.

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Time Lord3723d ago

He'll be great PR person.

sonarus3723d ago

will he bring MGS4 to 360? I think not lol:D

Fruit Loops3723d ago

i guess you dont wish the best luck for him?

fishd3723d ago

He helped to Make MGS4 more appealing to westerns,now he might try to make halo more appealing to easterns,or maybe even trying to make halo MOAR appealing to westerns?!lol

FantasyStar3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

I wish Payton the best of success on the Halo team cause I know he'll contribute meaningful work towards the next Halo.

@Fruit Loops- Didn't you realize already? N4G is pretty much N4PSG (News for Playstation Gamers), if there's anything remotely positive about 360, it gets trashed and flame wars begin. The people that hit the disagree all know who they are.

Monchichi0253723d ago

This kinda puts to bed that rumor that MS would be getting out of the console business doesn't it. Doubt Payton and the others would have joined if they were.

But a Great addition to the MS team! Oh and he's a Productions assistant producer not a PR guy.

jackdoe3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Sonarus, what does Payton joining the Halo Crew have anything with MGS4 on 360? Absolutely nothing. Sigh. Whatever. And he was a great PR person with MGS4, kept fans in the loop with his podcasts and exhibited a true enthusiasm for the MGS franchise so there is no reason he won't do a good job here. This has nothing to do with FANBOY FVCKING WARS. It is merely a guy who does his job well, trying to be closer to his family; his old job with KP required that he continuously fly from California to Japan as he had to report to Kojima as well as oversee US localization of MGS4.

sonarus3723d ago

yea i know but i figured it was only a matter of time before someone said it and i wanted to say it first:)

The guy said he wanted job closer to home and thats what he got so i'm happy for him i guess. Its a shame he won't be on MGS5 though because he definitely helped out in MGS4.

I just hope whatever studio he joins microsoft doesn't shut it down to pay for price cuts and all:p

killax35633723d ago

He plays a minor role in MGS4 and now he thinks he's the greatest thing in the entire world.

What has he done beside being a Kojiami sidekick?

sonarus3723d ago

Don't be a clown Ryan Payton is awesome. When has he ever made a statement that even SLIGHTLY suggested he is into himself. Dude has the Japanese humbleness.

His role on MGS4 was pretty major too. The game wouldn't be the same without him so yea payton is awesome. Is he greatest game maker ever? Possibly but doubtful.

Is he a great addition to Halo staff possibly. Is this anything anyone should care about...NO

killax35633723d ago

Japanese humbleness? LMAO.... that is the biggest pile of sh-t i have ever heard.

he said he left konami to spend more time with his family....yet he goes to work for Microsoft. so he works for microsoft on their most important franchise to spend more time wiht his family? well if that doesn't tell u payton is full of sh-t then i don't know what does.

japanese humbleness? no way.... after he left konami he said japanese devs were no longer innovative. so he leaves a japanese developer and THEN he knocks japanese developers as a whole.... if that's not a sign he's arrogant and into himself i don't know what is.

payton is just a young white dude who thinks he's the sh-t (but isn't close to it of course). i can almost guarantee u halo 4 will be mediocre..... that's a guarantee.

payton won't make a crap worths of difference.


Firstly, stop whining about N4G having more PS fans, last year it was the other way around.

Now, on topic, I agreed, wish him luck on Halo team, even through I don't know very well what he is going to do. I know that the hole he had on MGS4 (westernize it) is not needed on Halo, but if they get him to a job, they should have their reasons.

sonarus3723d ago

lol his family lives close to where microsoft is...WTF lol. So he should say nah i would rather beg on the street than workin with Microsoft...get real man

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Sarick3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

On that note: If you can't beat'em, buy'em

King Me3723d ago

He had to move from Japan because of an illness in his family,so for everyone calling him a sellout before-he's not!

I wish him all the best over at microsoft!

GiantEnemyLobster3723d ago

Please don't let some crappy developer that worked on a crappy game start working for a great game like Halo! Just because this guy failed at making MGS4, doesn't mean he has the right to come and ruin yet another game: Halo. Must be Sony sending their crappy developers over to Microsoft to try and get Microsoft to make a bad game for once.. LOL, sony fails again.

theKiller3723d ago

thats exactly what i was going to say, good for him, and who cares where he goes next?? he did his job in MGS4 and thats it!! life didnt stop for MGS4!! life goes on!!

wish him luck with the dying console!! but he will work with bungie so whether 360 succeed or not it wont matter to him because he is involved with halo game which all bots r dying on it(disney cartoon game style)

TheColbertinator3723d ago


Patton never worked for Sony.He worked for Konami.Be sure to edit that before you embarass yourself

PopEmUp3723d ago

he already embarrass himself to the world

juuken3723d ago

...Why does everything that spews out of your mouth garbage?

Anyway, I wish this guy luck. I respect anyone who cares for their parents and takes care of them.


I dont agree with Lobster on his comment but if what spews out of his mouth all the time is garbage I would say what comes out of yours is usually something close to biohazardous waste

NickIni3722d ago

Wait, wait wait. Lobster, you just called MGS4 a bad game?

Halo is actually the most over rated game ever, plus it has the most ignorant of fanboys going. Nearly everyone I have spoken too, even some of the more hardcore Xbox fanboys all agree MGS4 blows Halo away. Halo CE = good. Halo 2 = ok. Halo 3 = bad. God knows what the other 4 halo games will be like.

And one developer, out of a team of hundreds joins a rival team. Who actually cares? Did he make MGS4 the awesome game it is single-handedly, no.

juuken3722d ago

It's only garbage because you don't comprehend half of my comments. :-/


That was your rebuttal?? lol at least you admit you spew garbage so i'm happy

juuken3722d ago

...You're an idiot. :)

That's not what I said. I said it's only garbage to you because you can't comprehend it. Anyone who doesn't praise the 360 as the second coming of Christ is always spewing garbage.

Get a life dude.

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TOO PAWNED3723d ago

he is nice guy MS did good job to get him.