RYSE: Son of Rome is now available for free on GameSessions for the next 30 days

GameSessions, the digital services provider that allows gamers to try PC games before they buy, today launched GameSessions Giveaways, a new service that will see the company regularly giveaway free games, starting with Crytek’s visually impressive title, RYSE: Son of Rome.

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The-rain-maker378d ago

Still hoping for Playstation version

boomtube1987378d ago

Trust me it aint worth ur time. Its all graphics and bad game design.

378d ago
No Way378d ago

I thought it was fun? Oh well. To each their own.

yeahright2378d ago

This news came at just the right time. For some reason I thought I already had this on steam, but it was on my X1 that I sold a while back. Now I get it for free. Saves me a few quid for when I decide to jump in again.

Bigpappy378d ago

Hahaha. That game was so much fun for me. I just pulled combo after combo and left some for the bosses so I could easily dispatch them. Loved the constant action in the multiplayer. Completed all the gods in multiplayer and solo too. Don't mind going back for some more when I get my X.

TRU3_GAM3R378d ago

One of the best looking games on pc

TheOttomatic91378d ago

This is not a great game but still a pleasant one, the writing and acting in this game was amazing plus the visuals were insane, can't believe this was an early XB1 game.