Nintendon't worry, be happy

Nintendo has had many surprises in 2017. They're not done yet. The PS4 family of systems and Xbox One and One X are currently enjoying fantastic third-party support. It’s natural for Nintendo console users, some of which might exclusively own one console, to want a piece of the pie. But despite some great third-party titles in the horizon coming out for Nintendo Switch, the support it’s getting seems always less than the competition.

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EddieNX 105d ago

If you liked the game library of the DS and 3DS then youre gunna need to get a Switch. PS4 and XB1 are two very similar home consoles and the Switch is completely different which I think makes it stand out. Like the DS and 3DS Switch will end up with a huge library of exclusives, imagine the Wiiu and 3DS library combined and you know what to expect on Switch.

PigPen104d ago

I don't need to worry. The Wii U had amazing games even though it didn't sell. I have no doubt that Switch will have amazing games. Metroid Prime 4 coming! Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Super Mario Odyssey in 2017, I'm very happy.

VasilisArt104d ago

On one hand you are very right, it does have amazing games. On the other, third party support is always better for everyone. It satisfies all demographics, broaden the console's audience and sells more systems. When done right, it makes the developers/publishers money too.

chris235103d ago

different is not always better, as we can clearly see by nintendos very questionable approach.