New Star Citizen Video Shows Spectacular Explorable Planets, Environments and More

Star Citizen unveils its impressive planetary technology in a new video.

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UltraNova527d ago

By the time this game comes out even consoles will be powerful enough to run it in ultra settings...

Erik7357526d ago

Nope...i have a gtx1080 , something like what a ps6 would have , and I doubt I'll be able to run this thing on ultra 1440p smoothly

_LarZen_526d ago

The next No Man's Sky. That's if this game will even release...

holtzy525d ago

this game is nothing more than vaporware. good and very polished but still vaporware it will never be released

MagicBeanz525d ago

Not true the game is coming out in 2027, unless it gets delayed cause the need more time to work on it.

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phoenixwing525d ago

I hope in the rush to make all these epic things they have someone testing to see if it's actually fun to play. Alot of the settings for the game, such as ships, seem overly complicated which is my only complaint on the game. Otherwise, I think this game will be something special on the pc.

General Shrooms525d ago

you can play them game right now, soo.....

phoenixwing525d ago (Edited 525d ago )


maybe you can. I don't have a pc that will run it. I'm just commenting because i find it to be an interesting game. Plus that would require paying for the game early.

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