Red 5 Studios is closing down “Firefall” later today

I (Robin Ek, TGG) am very sad to inform you all that Red 5 Studio's have decided to close down their "sci-fi F2P MMO/Open world game "Firefall". Here's what's known for now.

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TGG_overlord255d ago

I wouldn't have know about the game if it hadn't been for PC Gamer Sweden.

TGG_overlord255d ago

Mark Kern is very sad about it as well.

Haurus255d ago

Game was effectively shut down a couple years ago. They abandoned the instance servers and you could not get through the tutorial mission. Even players that were already past it prior to that point were stuck just grinding mobs as 90% of the game was inaccessible.

TGG_overlord255d ago

I'm going to ask them all about it to get their version of it, but that's what I've been told by the players.

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BlackIceJoe255d ago

This is sad news, because I always felt there was great potential with this game but it never got to where it could be.

Plus this was the only game to ever use the Project Offset engine too. Project Offset never came out so getting to see what it could do was the closest we ever got because of this game.

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