Brace yourself for twice the trouble with PlayStation’s best double acts

Gamesradar: "PlayStation has its fair share of iconic heroes - Lara Croft, Nathan Drake, Kratos to name but a few - but it has also served up plenty of dynamic duos. Here, we embrace the double trouble and pick out the best double acts to appear on Sony's console."

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Frinker441d ago (Edited 441d ago )

Jak and Daxter would destroy Chloe and Nadine in a fight

GamePeace441d ago (Edited 441d ago )

I agree with you, those two gangsters would beat the freakin' dip out of Chloe and Nadine. Heck, they would even shame Nate and Sam Drake, those two beasts ...

DarXyde441d ago

Nadine alone is more than a match for Nate and Sam together.

andrewsquall440d ago

I think Daxter's wit alone would take them down lol

TheOttomatic91441d ago

Uh why are there non PS exclusive duo's on this list? It kinda defeats the purpose.

PhoenixUp441d ago

Because the list never said the duos were exclusive, only that they "appear on Sony's console."

Read more, complain less

TheOttomatic91441d ago

But then how can they PlayStations best duo's when they clearly appear on other consoles? Think more, complain less

PhoenixUp441d ago

Because they all "appear on Sony's console."

How is that so hard to understand? Comprehend more, complain less.

Relientk77441d ago

Ratchet & Clank
Spyro and Sparx
Nathan Drake and Elena/Chloe/Sully/Sam
Ellie and Joel

Frinker440d ago

Git a problem with Jak and Daxter, bro?