Rumors Swirl Around Nintendo

"As we all gear up for the big holiday gaming season, speculation has begun that Nintendo is planning a few surprises in order to keep gamers interested in the powerhouse brand."

TheGameReviews diggs into the current rumors.

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cain1413357d ago

If nothing else, these rumors are helping nintendo...

I'd nearly forgot about them until these started popping up...

A HiFi3357d ago

Very true. I'd completely forgot about Metroid until the article mentioned it! Too much dust gathering around Wii consoles everywhere.

chasuk083357d ago

I hope its some decent games

Nintendo Rep3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Dust is covering people's Wii's on the Internet that is, people use their Wii's more regularly than what you might think. Just because they don't post on N4G doesn't mean they don't play their systems.

Relin3357d ago

I expect them to refresh their console with everyone else, but it seems so much smarter to simply update the hardware of the current Wii -- pack in controllers with the WiiMotion Plus built in, add a hard drive, perhaps some more graphical power. Consumers aren't interested in the new thing, they just want a Wii, so give them a Wii.

cain1413357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Yeah, they need to meet demand. I still have not yet seen a wii on a store shelf. Even if they are artificially keeping supply down I don't get why they wouldn't want to sell as many as possible...

aubradley3357d ago

Seems like Nintendo could just ride the Wii wave for 10 more years. They could be the only true "ten year lifecycle" console because it's going to take that long for them to catch up with demand. No reason for them to rush out a new console.

Imallvol73357d ago

would anyone be excited about nintenedo anymore?

TheColbertinator3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Er hem

Open Zone------------->

Imallvol73357d ago

you can say what you want . . . that was a legitimate statement.

BrotherNick3357d ago

Lol, it's not like I'm excited about ps3 and 360 games. :P

razorbladelight3357d ago

no matter how lackluster Nintendo has gotten, the world over still knows the name even beating out Mickey Mouse as the most iconic character ever, Mario is known moreso than you think.
So to answer your question, yes, the world still cares about Nintendo, whether the "hardcore" gamer whines on and on about their specs and hard drive space, Nintendo keeps raking in the gold? If know one knew or cared about them anymore, how the hell would they be making all this dang profit then.

Nintendo Rep3357d ago

Suck me and Nintendo's d1ck please. We deserve it.

steveg25643357d ago

Of course it's a legitimate statement, but if you don't support it with anything it becomes a meaningless statement. Maybe if you support your questions or statements you'll be taken more seriously. Just a thought.

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TheColbertinator3357d ago

Hopefully Nintendo does not spill the beans about their plans.Otherwise people will see TGS and Nintendo will have nothing new to show

Smacktard3357d ago

Err... Nintendo typically doesn't participate in TGS...

qface643357d ago

they won't be at TGS but they are having their october conference its starting tonight

TheColbertinator3357d ago

Thats right.I forgot.Well I think the 3rd parties are backing up Nintendo on that end.I hope Nintendo shows off something good in its conference

Product3357d ago

smacktard actually nintendo announced the wii remote at the 2005 tgs.
so i wouldnt look this one over just yet.

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Dick Jones3357d ago

Microsoft and Sony both are delivering games to care about in the here and now. I'm in no need of ideas to put on a wishlist for next xmas. The thought of waiting that long for something has never inspired a feeling even close to joy in me.

qface643357d ago

seriously what are you talking about how long did it take for sonys and microsofts games to come out when they announced them? you make it sound like a game comes out the next day after they announce it

TheColbertinator3357d ago

@D*ck Jones

How is Alan Wake? Oh thats right...2009 even though it was announced 2005.How about Gran Turismo 5?...thats right 2010.

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